A thousand words - left unspoken

August 24, 2010
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You and I were in our bedroom. The stars outside were so bright that day. They seemed so close that I felt I could reach out to them; so tangible. I turned away from the window and looked at your lounging figure on the couch. I picked up an eraser off the windowsill and threw it at you.
"Ow, what was that for?" You said while rubbing the spot where the eraser had hit your forehead.
"That's for laying down when I was talking to you"
You lethargically sat up on the couch. "I thought you were done speaking and I was just getting comfortable."
"I wasn't done."
"Then pray continue"
I crossed the room, making the distance between us merely a few feet.
"I know that you're hiding things. Using gentle words to shelter me. But what are you sheltering me from Shuyin? What skeletons are in your closet?" I asked with vehemence
"Leene not now-"
I cut him off "Does this commitment mean nothing to you?" I pointed to the wedding ring on my ring finger. "This means that we are together through thick and thin, hell and back, and whatever else comes forth."
You got up from the couch and embraced me "Honey, I have nothing to hide from you. Is my perpetual love for you not enough?"
I laughed to myself. There you went again with those dreamy words. I'm not as novice to believe them anymore...

Two day later, I was looking at our wedding portrait when I saw you come into the living room with your eyes cast to the floor.
"What's wrong?" I asked with great concern but still kept my eye sight focused on the wedding picture
"Lenne. I have to-I have to go-for the sake of us- I have to go." You stammered
I hastily glanced up at you to see pain hidden beneath those deep blue orbs.
"Go? Go as in to the store?"
You grabbed my arm, pulling me into a desperate hug.
"Look at me." You cupped my chin with your free hand so that I could look directly at you.
"I don't know how long I'll be gone or when I'll come back but we both know that I have to go"
"Yes, I must go or else..."
The sound of my shrill cry couldn't be heard over the sound of glass shattering as my prized picture hit the floor.
"Wait for me honey, I'll write you letters whenever I get the chance."
I said nothing in response but instead just continued my sobbing. You kissed away each tear that ran down my cheek and whispered "I don't think that you're listening but I hope you are. I hope you know that I love you Lenne. With all my heart, there has never been a man who loved a woman as much as I love you. I would fight till the end of the world, all for you"
"Save yours tears because I'll come back, I promise " You kissed me one last time before you walked through the apartment door. All sense came rushing back to me at that moment and I screamed for you but you didn't come, you never came back.

Though a thousand words, a thousand confessions, have never been spoken. They call out through the ages. I know that they'll fly to you. Crossing over the time and distance holding you, suspended on silver wings.

Our dream isn't over yet. Though I often say that I can't forget. I still relieve that day, the day all promise died whispering sweet nothings to me in my feeble arms. As everyday goes by, everyday I get older; I know that you won't be here to grow old with me. Even though you're not here physically, I never feel alone. I know you've been here with me all the way, even to this day...

A thousand words call out through the ages; they will cradle you. Even though I can't see, I know that they're reaching you. Turning all of the lonely years into lonely days. They will hold you forever, my thousand words.

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