August 22, 2010
His name was Tony. He was the most gorgeous boy i ever saw. The first time i talked to him i found out he was 15 and i was 14. He played basketball and everything. hewas also homeschooled. But he had a girlfriend named Amanda.
He was at my house working and he said " I want you to meet my girlfriend." I about to answer when my phone rang
"Hold on." I said. "Hey Babe" I said. On the other end was my boyfriend woh was a sporto and popular and everything. His name was Travis.
"wanna go out tonight?" He asked.
I say " I can't i'm going to meet Tony's girlfriend but you could come along." i say while looking at Tony hopeful as he nods his head.
" we'll pick you up soon kay" I hang up.
" so you have a boyfriend?"he asks quetly.
"Uh yeah why?" i ask.
" You never talk about him ever." he says.
We pull up at Amanda's and Tony honks. She runs out to the car.
She says to Tony " Who's this?"
"My friend Sabrina." He says quietly.
"Tony to have to pick up Travis." I say.
" Okay Sab."he Says and smiles at me.
After that.
Tony calls me. I pick up " Hi Tony" Isay sadly.
"sabrina what's wrong?" He asks.
" Well uh wanna meetat the park in 5 minutes." I say quickly and hang up. Tony walks in the park with red eyes.
"Tony" i say and hug him tightky and cry into his chest.
He looks at me " Travis dumped you huh?"
"So did Amanda." He says.
I look at his green eyes and he looks back at me and leans in and kisses me.
At that moment Travis and Amanda walk in the park.
They say together " Tony Sabrina!!!!!!!"
We just keep on kissing. We don't care because we're in love with eachother

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