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August 12, 2010
By Dawn Fanning BRONZE, BM, West Virginia
Dawn Fanning BRONZE, BM, West Virginia
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I sit here thinking about him. I haven't seen in almost a week but i'll get to see him tomorrow. he's my whole life. i can't think of a reason why we would no longer be. i've never been in love with someone like this before. He tells me everday how special and pretty i am, i usual just think that people are just trying to be nice but he makes me feel so much more. wehn he hugs me his clone fills my nose and i get the warmest feeling inside, i would do anything to just stay there forever. i don't know what i would do without him he's beyond amazing. adults just think it's puppy love and we'll never last forever like we tell eachother we will. but i don't care what the future holds as long as i'm with him. everyday thats all i think about, and dream about. when i'm sad and upset about anything he's there to hold my hand or tell me everything is ok. i would be so devestated if anyone tried to take him from me. we talk about when were older, laugh about what it would be like to get married and the silly things we would do if we ever did. were so comfontable around eachother and keep apsolutely nothing from eachother. our families love us and always have there arms open for each of us. I love this, yeah our relationship isn't perfect we get into fights of really dumb stuff and say things we don't mean. but despite all of that i hope i get to stay with him forever!! i really hope that we never part. he's my entire world!

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