3 is better than one

August 12, 2010
By Anonymous

“Honey, do you need a program?”
Alex’s hair was perfectly curled tonight. His skinny jeans made him look taller, and skinnier than normal. His eyes were peircing when he smiled at me. I smiled back, my cheeks flushing.
Tyler looked mad when I looked over at him. It was one of his uniform nights, his ROTC uniform making his huge green eyes pop. I grinned at him, and he shook his head at me, smiling, but shaking his head at how weak I could make him.
Kale was another story. He always looked perfect. His brown bangs were perfectly feathered across his forehead, and his brown doe eyes could make my knees buckle while I got lost in them. I’d never actually talked to Kale before, most likely because he was shy, but when he smiled, there weren’t words to decribe it.
“Meghan!” I turned around to see Mrs. Debbie, the youth leader, holding out a program. I took it from her and smiled.
“Sorry, I was spaacing out, thanks,” I said, turning around.
“You know,” she started, and I turned back to her, “you’re way too good for any of those boys.”
“Maybe,” I said, mainly to please her. In my mind it was the other way around.
“When are you gonna come back to youth?” she asked.I hadn’t been to youth group for a while, mostly because I didn’t know anyone there except the boys.
“Maybe I’ll go on Monday,” I said, actually considering it.
“I know we’d all love that,” she said. I nodded at her before walking away.

The author's comments:
The characters are all real, and most of the events are true,just interpreted in a more artistic way

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