The New Girl

August 2, 2010
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Jane closed her closet door wiping away the very last tear that she had shed. She picked up her coats and walked outside to her mother's face. She was smiling. All Jane could do is look at her and sigh softly. "Is this it sweetie?" her mother said grabbing the coats from her arm. "Yeah, it is." Jane could here her voice cracking. After her mom put the coats in the trunk they went in the car and went off to their new beginning. After two hours passed they was already in New Jersey and she was already at her new home. Jane stepped out of the car and saw a boy. Playing fetch with his dog in his backyard. All she could do was look. He was goregous. And as soon as he heard Jane's mother slam the car door shut he looked bac and saw Jane. Staring. He smiled and waved. Jane turned away and then looked back. He was still looking. She smiled at him. Then she walked away going toward her house. "Hey, you!" She stopped. He ran after like he was a hunter and she was the goose with a broken leg. "I'm Adam." All she could do was smile. "Adam. I'm Jane but you can call me whatever you want." she smiled. "OK...i guess." It was a moment of silence and Jane could feel her mother looking at them. " old are you?" he asked finally. "Um...turning 15 next month." she looked down. "Nice. Im 15 already but it's cool...we can still date." He gave her a wide simle and laughed a little. "Okay...then pick me up at seven." she started to walk away. "Wait..." he said grabbing her hand. She looked at his big hands covering her small ones. "Um...when..." He blushed. "Saturday..." she smiled. He nodded and let go of her hand. And waved goodbye. As Jane walked in the house she could see her mom giving her a big smile. "Wow your good.." her mom said. "shutup" Jane laughed. "No im serious...can u get me a man. I mean...i want a boyfriend too!" Her mom laughed back. "He's not my boyfriend...yet." They laughed together and went inside. The next day Jane and her mother went shopping to pick out a new outfit for her very first date. "So do you know where he's taking you?" Jane's mother said looking at the clothes on the rack. "No..." She looked at her mother worried. "Jane it's okay...we just need something for all types of dates. So probably a skirt and some nice shoes?" Jane's mother said nodding holding up a skirt with blue sequence. Jane nodded walking over to the shoes. It took the entire day to find a pefect outfit. But instead of a skirt the got a nice pair of jeans with gold and silver heels. "Finally done." Jane said resting her head on her mother's shoulder while they drove home in the car. "Not yet...what about hair?" Jane's mother said turning to her. "Mom, i'll just bump it..." Jane said getting up from her mother's shoulder. "Okay...are you excited?" Jane's mother said smiling. "Duh? My first date with the cutest guy ever!" She said flipping her black her out her face. "Okay...but remember. Do not loose your virginity to this boy. You got that?" Jane's mother said giving her a serious face. "Yes, mom i know." Jane said turning on the radio. The next was was Saturday and Jane has spent all day getting ready by time it was 6:30 was dressed and ready to go! She was so excited and she waited near the door for him to come. By time it was 7:05 Adam was at the door. When Jane came out the house all Adam could do is smile. "Hey..." Jane smiled back "Hey" It was a moment of silence. "You look awesome!" Adam finally said. Jane laughed "Thank look hot too." She smiled. "Yeah thank you...we're going to the movies... so c'mon lets go!" She followed him as he went to the car. "Wait, don't you have to be 16 in order to have a license?" Jane said as she got close to the car. Adam opened the passenger seat door as Jane got in. "Yeah...but who was i had a license." Adam smiled at her as he got in the car. "Your so bad..." Jane said looking at him with a smirk. "Yeah, well...get used to it." Adam said smiling big at her. All Jane could do is laugh while they drove off.

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CrazyWriter said...
Aug. 19, 2010 at 10:17 am

I like he story idea (plot)thing going on. and please post part i really want to know what happens. Like i Said Before i Really like this but i found it really hard to read may be you could put some space between the pieces of dialouge (just a suggestion) ? anyway plese write more i really want find out what happens on their date.


btw my article loooovve to be read

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