August 2, 2010
By 143lovebaby BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
143lovebaby BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
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Live like your in a day dream lifes yoiur fantsy, but act as if youll die tomorrow.

She ran through the trees faster than ever before. Her heart racing, breathing shallow. Twigs and rocks dug into the tenderness of her feet. Branches whipped against her body and arms tearing away at her flesh. Water kept falling hard from the sky beating at her body, pressing her torn clothes to her skin. Wetness streamed down her face whether they were her tears or the rain she didn’t know. She kept running fleeing through the night, her only light the dim moon peeking through the fog and branches. She ran pushing herself harder forcing herself to speed up, though her legs ached, screaming for her to stop. Her hair flew behind her wet and messy. The silence disturbed by her pounding footsteps.
The farther she ran the calmer she got. She got closer to Him. Him and their place. The one place they could go to get away from the world. It was just them against everyone else. Tonight it was her parents. Her mom had gone off again. She’d been in the wrong place at the wrong time. The gashes in her back bleeding from a stray picture frame being thrown. Tears showed through her tank top and skin open and sore. She slowed as she got closer to the center of the woods. The dead trees and empty woods opened to full, blooming life. The dry dirt and rocky ground parted to soft green grass, providing relief on the soles of her feet. She walked into the clearing, one giant circle, the edges being the darkness of the woods and the inside fresh, full plants and life. As she walked farther into the tension disappeared and she forgot all pain. She walked along a small stream leading to a waterfall near the side of the slopes. The water crystal clear containing small plants and fish swimming undisturbed. The top of the water glimmered in the thin amount of moonlight.

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