Lavender Roses, Chapter 2

July 29, 2010
By theantoniagomez BRONZE, Saint Louis, Missouri
theantoniagomez BRONZE, Saint Louis, Missouri
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It was a week later, and I could stop thinking about him. I didn't even know his name! How could I just fall in love like that? What was this: some chick flick!
I was still debating what to do when love was waiting for me at my locker.
"Hey," he said and moved out of the way so I could get in my locker.
"Hi," I said and kept my head in the locker where he couldn't see my smile.
He cleared his throat and said too casually, "So, homecoming plans?"
"What about them?" I inquire, equally casual.
"Are you going with anyone?" I wasn't, but Eliza always told me to be coy.
I shrug. "I dunno. The right guy hasn't asked." Actually, no guys had asked.
"Well-" awkward cough "-what about going with me? I mean, not like going with me, but we could dance or something. Would that be cool because I know you don't know me and I probably look creepy knowing where your locker is but I saw you yesterday and I thought maybe-"
I put my hand over his mouth and smile. "I'd love to go with you. There's only one prob."
He mumbles from beneath my hand, "Wuzz dat?"
I remove my hand. "I'd like to know your name so when my friends go 'Who ya goin with' I don't say 'Ooh, yeah, not sure about his name, but he's cute.'"
He smiles. "You can still mention that I'm cute."
"I'm Lucy." I close my locker and move a little closer to him. He's way taller than me, so he looks down at me.
"I'm Harry." His voice is low and quiet and he's moving closer to me...
"Break apart! Fellows, this is not the way to a good grade in science!" Mr. Hiroshi yells and we jump away from each other.
Harry says," Sorry. We're sorry."
"Yes, you won't see it again," I add.
Hiroshi nods. "You won't do it again."
"Right, you won't see it," I say. Harry stifles a laugh.
Hiroshi doesn't notice. "Right..."

The night of the dance, Kelsi and Eliza fuss over my entire outfit and hair. Once I've got sleek straight locks past my shoulders and an ironed tight, silver mini dress with the "perfect shoes because you look tall and your legs look sooo good," they allow me to get in the car with them and head to the school.
We walk in and I see Harry and Eliza's date Levi standing by the snack table. Kelsi had planned to go stag, but Vern Cavanaugh asked her and she felt bad so she said yes. You may already be able to tell that a guy named Vern ain't that cute.
"Wow-" Harry says and walks over to me.
"Wipe the salt off your fingers before you touch the dress. I didn't let her borrow it so you could dirty it," Eliza warns.
Kelsi says under her breath to Eliza, "He's cute. It may not stay on that long."
I force a laugh and drag my date to the dance floor.
"Sorry about them. They're total jerks, but I love them," I apologize. Its a slow song and I put my head on his shoulder. I'm actually tall enough in heels to reach that point.
Harry laughs quietly. "They're great. You look beautiful which is their doing I'm sure because I'd never see you in this dress. But I really like you in it."
I smile and say, "Well I'm glad...I gotta be honest. I was surprised you asked."
"I was surprised you said yes. I've been thinking about you since that day in the library...and I can't believe I just admited that."
"I'm glad you did...I have been too." I lean up and whisper, "Wanna get outta here?"
"Definetley," he whispers back and we hurry from the gym, laughing when we exit to the quad. The fresh air is exilerating and I don't mind the wind is messing with my hair. I hop up on the stone bench and Harry stand in front of me, his arms around my waist. I put my arms around his neck and smile. "I'm taller than you up here."
"Hm, that doesn't work for me," he smiles and pulls me off the bench into his arms.
"You're strong."
"You're not heavy," he replies and leans into me.
I whisper, our faces centimeters apart, "Let's try this without Hiroshi interrupting."
"I agree." The minute our lips touch it feels like we melt into each other. Hes holding me and I'm holding him. He's kissing me and I'm kissing him. I forget where I am and I don't care. All I know is Harry is the only one I want to be with.

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