I feel you there.

August 7, 2010
By Mandinova SILVER, Danville, Kentucky
Mandinova SILVER, Danville, Kentucky
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I feel you there....

I feel you there, your eyes upon me always. Slowly and gently caressing my skin, sending chills up my spine. I love when you do that.
I feel you standing close behind, hesitating, waiting for something. You always do that. Like when Im in the kitchen cooking, dancing and singing with a spoon in my hand trying not to burn the shrimp, I know you watching me... laughing but keeping an eye on me at the same time making sure I don’t catch the house on fire. I love when you do that.
I Love how you never judge me... no matter what. You let me be me. Whether im mad or sad or happy im glad you don’t tell me how to feel. I love how I can tell you ANYTHING and you don’t judge, given I know you laugh at me and then when I get mad at you all it takes is one look from you and I'm a goner. I hate when you do that. That was a lie, I love it.
I love how you come in late sometimes, just as im about to fall asleep I feel you gently and quietly crawl into bed just to lay down with me. I feel how you pull the covers over my shoulder when you think im cold. I feel you there stroking my hair out of my eyes when im asleep. I feel you smile while I rollover into your arms. I Love when you do that.

I Love how when im home alone all I have to do is smile a little and think about you and magically there you are. I love how you wait for me to get out of the shower no matter long it takes me. I love when im in my room and just about to put my clothes on your there. Sometimes I blush because I get embarrassed for you to see me in just a towel. But then all you do is smile and walk slowly towards me, while I feel my cheeks flush bright red. I love how you come up behind me and gently brush your lips on my neck moving to my shoulders down to my back and up again kissing away the water droplets, I melt. I love when you do that.
I love how you've always seen me. You have walked with me through the valleys and the shadows of darkness. I have opened up my world to you, feeling's, and my inner most thoughts, the core of my being. You have watched me smile, cry, hate, and love. How you make me feel wanted and how I always want you. I love when you do that.

When I sit in the field, "our place" I feel your eyes on me and instantly I have to smile, and try to wipe away the stray tears from my eyes so you don’t see. I tried to hide them but you always get me, you always catch my first tear and kiss away my last one. When the sun sets I see you next to me, with you big grey and violet eyes that always take my breath away. That beautiful brown hair that sweeps along your eyes, how you’re so much taller than me and how your chest is hard but it fits perfectly when I nuzzle into you. How your hands wrap around me and never let go. I feel so safe when your here, there is nothing there is no one. How you keep me warm and whole. I Love how you do that.

The stray tears are becoming more frequent now these days. I stand in the kitchen only to turn around to find an empty chair and burning shrimp. I talk about my day and what’s been going on only for no reply. I lay in bed tossing and turning restlessly only to roll over to find only an unrustled and untouched side.
I wake up in the morning only to push all the hair from my face, and can’t fall back asleep. I get out of my shower, hurry to my room and quickly put clothes on so I don’t freeze. I come home to a house all alone, when I cry my knees hit the floor and I instantly crumple up. I walk with my head looking to the floor; I walk through the shadows alone. I sit in the field now only to stare to trees all around and the sound of the wind. I let my tears fall to the surface soiling the hard ground beneath me no one to catch them. I wrap my arms around my legs and rest my chin upon my knees. I go along, go through the steps like im supposed to, cold and empty.

Oh God, how I want you to be real, I want to touch your skin, look into your eyes, feel your breath, and hear your heartbeat. I wholeheartedly wish you were next to me. I Love you with everything I have. Because you’re all I have.
But I guess that’s what happens when you fall in love with an Angel.

The author's comments:
It's a part of me. It's a realization, of love,and heartbreak, its how I feel. so its special to me.

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JessieB SILVER said...
on Aug. 16 2010 at 9:27 pm
JessieB SILVER, Elkton, Maryland
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this was good(:

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