Everything Was Okay

August 4, 2010
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She sat in the bus shelter drinking from a bottle. Drops of the cold liquid rolled down her chin and onto her shirt. She laughed- a cold, crackling sound. Her hair was all tangled from the violent wind hiding the uneven haircut. Her eyes were black, like the black hole. It seemed to be empty, yet full of stories. She was pale, but flushed from whatever she was drinking. She wore a purple tank top paired with excessively ripped denim shorts. Several patches of skin on her arms were raw and bloody. Black bruises contrasted against her light skin on her thighs. Every breathe she drew produced a loud, desperate sound as if she was drowning. Tears poured down her face rapidly.

“Is that a hobo?” My little girl asked, hugging my legs in fright while pointing to that woman.

I’m alone and I always will be. I drank and drank but my sorrows still kept my conscious awake. What could I do? I have no family, no home, no money, and no nothing. I sobbed, and I hate myself for doing so. I laughed at myself, at my idiocy and weakness. How could I have trusted him? I thought he really meant it when he said “I do”. I’ve meant it, why didn’t he? What did I do wrong? I’ve loved me, and I thought he loved me to. He whipped me, slapped me and threatened to kill me. What changed? I forgave him the first time, the second time, but not the third. I left, and I have nowhere to go. Where could I go? I’m unwanted. I will drink myself to death. I will die alone. I blame no one but me.

Where is she? If anything happens to her I will kill that lowlife. How could he do this? And on her birthday too? I drove my car everywhere, but could not find a trace of her. It’s all my fault. If I’ve told her how I felt about her two years ago, maybe she would never have married that scum. Why didn’t I? I had a chance but I let it slip by me. Why didn’t I stop her? Why didn’t I protect her? If I find her I will never let go of her again. And there she was. She sat in the bus shelter, crying. I stopped in the middle of the road and ran to her. She looked so small and frail. Her dark eyes were fixed on mine, and she held on to me. I hugged her back.

No words were needed. We just stood there, standing there comforting each other with our actions. We gave each other hope and faith to live on.

“Happy birthday.”

And everything was okay.

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FreakShow818 said...
Aug. 15, 2010 at 2:18 pm
I loved this! the different points of view were fantastic. I'm really impressed
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