Betting on Love (Part Two)

July 29, 2010
By musicxlover96 BRONZE, Jackson, Michigan
musicxlover96 BRONZE, Jackson, Michigan
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The bell finally rang to signal the end of Home Ec. I rose from my seat, glanced at Jack, and began walking to the door. He grabbed my arm, causing me to face him.
“Just wanted to tell you that I can’t wait for you to fall for me”, he smiled and gave me a wink.
“Keep on thinking that. I’ll never fall for a guy like you.” I yanked my arm away and stormed out of the room.
“Julie! Julie, wait!” I heard him calling my name halfway down the hallway. Annoyed, I turned around.
“What?!” I snapped back. He finally caught up to me. His smile was gone, his expression almost worried.
“What do you mean, ‘a guy like me’?” he questioned.
I rolled my eyes while letting out an exasperated sigh. “I’m sorry, what?” I asked, ignoring my previous comment about him.
“You said you wouldn’t date a guy like me. What did you mean by that?” His eager eyes were gazing into my own. His hands rested on my shoulders. I was surprised at how soft, and gentle his touch was, almost desperate.
Oh, snap out of it! He’s a pig! Get over yourself!, I thought.
I took a deep breath and said, “You are the type of guy who hits on every girl in the school. Rather she is snobby, nerdy, popular, and un-popular. It doesn’t matter to you! All that matters is getting into their pants. And I can guarantee you won’t get into mine. You’re cocky and perverted. Trust me; those aren’t the most attractive qualities one could have.”
I felt his hands rise from my shoulders, the warm touch gone. Does he look…hurt?
“We’ll just have to see, beautiful.” Never mind, he’s back, I said silently. He smiled his goofy smile, winked, and began sauntering down the hallway before me. Then to my surprise, he turned around looking serious.
“Just for the record, I think you have many attractive qualities that no girl I’ve ever been with has ever had.”
And he was gone.
“Alright,” I said to myself as I held my notebooks firmly and began walking, “so maybe he has some attractive qualities… He has beautiful eyes…wonderful skin…soft hair…amazing cologne…” Whoa, I thought, I did NOT just say he has amazing cologne…
“Hey, Julie!” I heard my best friend, Emma calling to me, but for a moment I ignored it. I’d just admitted to myself that I found Jack Baker remotely attractive. Holy, crap. I snapped out of my trance, allowed myself to smile, and greeted Emma. “You’re looking especially smiley today! Who is he?”
“Wait-what?” I asked her in a confused state.
“Oh, don’t play dumb. You obviously found a guy you like. It’s written all over your face.”
I could never tell Emma that I like Jack Baker. No. Absolutely not. Never. She wouldn’t understand. Then again why is this a problem? I don’t like Jack Baker…do I? “No. There’s no guy.” Okay, so I lied. A little white lie won’t kill our friendship.
“Mhm, sure. Seriously, Julie, who is he? You’re cheeks grow more and more red, so you obviously can’t stop thinking about the guy. If you don’t tell me, I’ll be forced to tell Buddie Vick that you fancy him…”
She wouldn’t. Buddy Vick is the nerdiest kid in our entire class. If he thought I liked him…oh dear God.
“I think I might like…Jack Baker”, I mumbled.
“Huh? Stop mumbling. I can’t hear you.”
“I like Jack Baker”, I uttered once more.
“Seriously, hon. Speak up.”

“I LIKE JACK BAKER!” I almost screamed it this time. Oh God. I hope he wasn’t around to hear that…
Emma’s mouth hung open, her eyes bugged out. Obviously in a state of shock. She remained in this state as I explained everything that happened in Home Economics just moments before.
“Jack Baker? He’s a total player, Jules. I have no idea what you like about him. But hey, it’s your decision. Just don’t get yourself hurt, okay? You’re the closest thing I’ve got to a sister, and I’d never want to see you with a broken heart…” The tardy bell rang and she sprinted off to her next class. I stood there, thinking. I’d been late to Chemistry before, Mrs. Calk wouldn’t mind.
I leaned up against the lockers while sliding down to the ground. I don’t like Jack Baker, do I? He’s an arrogant, piggish, perverted, menacing, plotting, cocky male. How could I possibly like him? But then again…he’s sincere, honest, flirtatious, confident, and he might actually like me. I still can’t help but wonder: how many other girls have been told the things he’s said?

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