The Dusty Room (Part 5)

July 23, 2010
By Anonymous

“I’m home. Where’s dinner?” Heather’s mom came bursting through the door, throwing her jacket, purse and keys on a bench that sat a few feet away.

“In the kitchen, on the counter.” Josh and Heather were still sitting in the dining room, picking at the last bits of their food, and talking.

“What is it?”

“Macaroni and cheese, and a cheeseburger.”

“Good.” Heather’s mom walked into the dining room, and looked Josh over with a speculative eye. “Who is this?”

“This is Josh, mom,” annoyed, Heather didn’t want to answer, but knew she had to. “I met him at school.”

“And you invited him over for dinner? He could be a thief or something!”

“Mom!” Normally, Heather never raised her voice, but she was angry now, and she couldn’t help it. “Why don’t you just eat and leave? You don’t even have to be here.”

“What if he hurts you Heather? You don’t know him,” this is why Heather did not like her mom…at all.

“Yes, I do know him. And he won’t hurt me. I’m 16, almost 17...did you know that?” Josh was extremely surprised that Heather was getting snappier and angrier with each passing minute. For the past hour they had talked, and she just seemed like an average, sweet, quiet girl.

“Of course I knew that! I’m not stupid Heather. But I’ve gone through a lot in the past few days, and--”

“And I haven’t?! I haven’t been through a lot either, mom? He meant more to me than he did to you. Ever! So just stop trying to send me on a guilt trip. I don’t care!” Heather was no longer sitting in the chair across from Josh, but was face to face to her mother. For a second the thought that he might have to break up a fight, flashed through Josh’s mind, but evaporated when he saw Heather slowly backing down.

“Well, I’ll just be leaving. Goodbye, Heather. He should leave,”


“What?” Heather’s mom was about to walk out of the dining room, but at the sound of her ‘name’ she turned around to see what in the world Heather wanted now. In amazement, eyes nearly popping out of her head, she watched as her daughter walked up to the stranger, and kissed him. At first she almost yelled out for them to stop, but she noticed something. She noticed a spark, the same type of spark she felt when she had first met her recently deceased husband. It was of excitement and nervousness, and she decided Heather needed this. Silently, she walked out of the dining room, grabbed a cheeseburger, and slipped out of the front door, totally unnoticed.

Heather had meant for the kiss to be a simple peck on the lips, a smooch, only done to anger and upset her mother, but it turned into something more. Before Heather expected it, the kiss went from an action of spite…to a feeling of want and need. She didn’t stop, didn’t want to, and when Josh pulled away and made sure she was a distance of arm’s length, her heart dropped into her stomach.

“What…was that?” Josh asked weakly. Maybe this was a good sign, maybe he was just making sure these were her true feelings, and not something done to anger her mother. Which it was, at first, but not anymore. Heather WANTED this.

“I, uh, I don’t know. Split decision?” Of course, after a kiss like that Heather couldn’t think. She was surprised she had enough mental capacity at the moment to come up with those few phrases.

“So…you like me?” It was rushed, moving way too fast, but Heather didn’t care. She knew that in a month, a year, she would feel the exact same way she felt this exact second.

“Yeah, I do. And I mean it,” Heather tried to smile, but the nerves that were bubbling up in her stomach overtook all of her muscles, and all she could do was hope. Hope, and pray, that he would feel the same way.

Instead of replying with what he felt, he kissed her. Honestly, Heather was even happier with this because, even if he did reject her, she would get one last kiss. This was only the second person Heather had ever kissed in her life, and the feeling overwhelmed her to a point of no return. She could feel her face getting hotter and hotter, redder and redder, butterflies fluttered and flew around in her tummy, and, at some points, fear of passing out evaded her mind due to the fact she was becoming extremely light-headed.

She was first to pull away this time, even though she didn’t want to, but she wanted to know what he had to say, “So…?”

“So, I like you too.”

She smiled.

“Does this feel like it’s moving way too extremely fast?”

“Yeah, it does. But it doesn’t feel wrong.”

“No, it doesn’t,” he agreed. He kissed her again, “I’m glad I met you today.”

Satisfaction flooded her body because she was way too happy she had met him today also. “Yeah, I know the feeling.” She flashed him a perfect smile, and got up since during their brief make-out session, she had ended up on his lap.

“Where are you going?” Heather laughed because he looked sad. She hadn’t even gone anywhere, just got up, and he was sad? If Josh was anyone else, Heather would be angry about how pathetic he was being, but he was Josh. And Josh was someone so completely different from anyone else, that it unnerved her.

“I’m not leaving. I just figured I should get my own seat,”

“Oh, can we go somewhere else? This chair isn’t really the comfiest chair in the world…no offense.”

“How is that offensive?” Heather asked jokingly, she didn’t expect a reply. “I agree with you. I hate these chairs. My bedroom?”

“Do you have a comfy chair up there?” He grabbed the hand she was holding out to him, and stood up.

“Well of course,” her voice was coy and inviting, and he liked the sound of it. They walked up the stairs and into her bedroom together, closing the door.

The author's comments:
So here's part five, check out parts 1-4? :)
Please, and thank you. Could you please check out some of my other work too?

If there are any mistakes, sorry, I have to admit that I'm sometimes a little too lazy to proofread fully.
But hope you like it anyway, :)
Part 6 should be up soon!

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