you are more beautiful than ever

June 15, 2010
You say I smile so big it makes you laugh to see my grin from ear to ear but I say the way you look into my eyes is better it makes me capture every thing you ever think about .. you say the way I dance makes you want to dance and as I quietly glide across the floor pretending I’m with a partner you slowly creep in and grab my hand from were it lay at my side and bring it to your shoulder and your side … sit alone reading a book you see me and cant resist you lean over my shoulder and pretend to read along but cant stop looking at me and I smile and lean in and kiss you to make you leave me alone .. and finally I carry your baby girl on my hip rocking her to sleep because I couldn’t bare to sleep but for a mere minute or two then a small cry attacks like a knife .. so you walk in and I hand her off just as if it was twenty years gone and its her wedding day and you walk her down the ail and a tear hits the floor just as I saw you at the end of the ail waiting for me with my daddy at my right and a tear down his face … and as you promised it was death do us part.. I stare in the mirror every day and wonder how did I ever get so lucky to find some one that loves me so much .. and you lean over my shoulder and mumble in my ear as if I was twenty again and not aging daily you say in a light whispered tone you are more beautiful than ever before….

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7Ariel7 said...
Sept. 23, 2010 at 1:10 pm
LLLOOOOVVVEEEE it tabby!!! you are an amazing writer <3 HAL
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