Suicide Love...

July 27, 2010
As i sit there in the middle of the street, at 11 at nit3.
Ur head laying on my leg.
iHold ur hand&use my other hand to push down on the wound on ur heart.
Ur bleeding constantly, i cant stop it.
iNotice ur heartz broken.
What have i done?
Its all my fault!
iBroke ur heart&now ur leavin me 4ever...what did i do!?!?!

Now that u left me...its my time to join u.
As i sit there with ur lifeless body still laying on my leg, i grab my dagger from my back pocket.
You left with ur heart broken&now i*ll leave the same way.
iTake da dagger&stab my heart.
As i bleed out continuously i whisper out loud to myself "if we couldn*t be 2gether on Earth, now we can..."

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Let_It_Be said...
Aug. 28, 2010 at 10:53 am
damn! well thats depressing
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