If only I had wings

July 21, 2010
Remember when we first met? It was my first time traveling by plane. I was 9. And I was scared of heights then, ever since my dad’s death… but you changed me… and I came to like them. Remember, in the airport you gave me an airplane… a toy airplane... It was blue just like the color of the blue sky and your blue eyes… you told me to never look down or better yet ‘just imagine myself as a bird’… wings spread wide… “And just think, if you had wings… you are free to fly; free to wander, free to go anywhere you want” you said while being caught up in your dream (giggle). “Feeling the breeze hit against you as you move forward… just like the feeling of adrenaline rush as you run faster and faster”… you said it was fun, just like that. I’d forgotten about my fear, the fear of heights. I thought of you as an angel… cause that time the sun was shining, just like a halo, behind your head; full of short golden blonde hair…I thanked you.

We continued our chattering, played games and laughed about with the jokes we shared… while we waited for departure. I thought to myself, I’ve got a new found friend… But this, all changed with just that one moment. It all seemed such a blur. We were full of smiles with our newly discovered friendship. Suddenly, it turned black; darkness overtook my vision… I didn’t know if I was unconscious but I could still hear people, voices… shouting, others screaming… it was starting to fade until I could hear no more… now, I know I was unconscious , it was dark and lonely. I wondered if this was the end for me. Is this how it felt? Dying, I mean. You know just like an eternal slumber… but my thoughts changed suddenly wondering if he was ok, my new friend. I hoped he was fine. Imagining that they’re okay, I saw my new found friend. I poked him on his shoulder… he turned … he was sad, I don’t know why, it was as if it were our last meeting… a small light has shown behind me. I looked at it… confused… I turned to face him again. Shocked, he was already 5 meters far from me… and he kept on going, the distance between us was getting longer and longer.

Tears fell from his eyes and waved good bye… I chased after him, but something was keeping me from going… I felt a tug on my shoulders. I looked back… Hands coming out of it, the light, reaching, trying to persuade me to go to the light… it pulled me, I tried struggle but it just won’t work. I cried. Something happened. I could see him again, his face, he was crying, waving… again…this time he was trying to say something. Then he smiled a relieved smile as if it was for my own good… he was trying to tell me I need not fight back and just relax until I get there… and so I followed but it pained me, I knew something was wrong. For a moment there was nothing… nothing but me and the silence, a sudden blinding light showed… and I gained consciousness.

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OtakuBoy said...
Aug. 9, 2010 at 12:07 pm
omg o-o this is like sad...and sorta confusing..but still really sad D:
acaciaflower replied...
Aug. 11, 2010 at 10:18 am

ya, i know

i'm still trying to improve myself..

by the way,thanks for reading it!!!^v^

and also for the comment..

i'll try my best next time!!\(^w^)/

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