Last goodbye

July 26, 2010
"I guess you could say this is where it ends." he said as he lifted his head to meet my gaze. I stood there, not really sure what to do or say. My palms grew sweaty and my eyes grew cloudy with tears. I opend my mouth to speek, but couldnt.
"Im sorry" he tried agian with a little more smpathy. I looked in his blue, beautful eyes that i had stared so many times into. His dirty blonde hair blew in wind, his cheek bones high but strained. He looked back into my brown eyes and we stood there, this is our last goodbye, my mind screamed. I nodded my head and he walked away. I watched him leave, his causal but cool walk still intact, his gray shirt waved in the wind. I watched him dissapear, i watached the only thing i ever loved walk away, i watched him fade into the sunset. My legs callaspe, and i fell on the warm soft grass. I just laied there, knowing this was the last goodbye.

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twilightfan101 said...
Aug. 4, 2010 at 10:24 am

Good job!!!! Great description and it was also mysterious no knowing who she was talking too!!! Great!

If you could, could you please check out some of my work. Preferably my fee verse poem- Far From Perfect. Thanks!!!!!

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