The Year I Figured Out Vinny

July 18, 2010
By ablonda GOLD, Stafford Springs, Connecticut
ablonda GOLD, Stafford Springs, Connecticut
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As I walked down the center stairwell, I caught a glimpse of the most popular boy in school. Vinny. I had never really took interest because he was too cocky and I didn’t like the friends that he hung out with. He was a Junior and successful at that. But he had some pot issues and partied a lot. As he hurried down the stairs with his group of cocky football friends, he glanced at me and sent a wink my way. As quickly as he winked I turned my head and continued down the stairs to my chemistry class.

Chem was as boring as it was everyday. Most of my friends were towards the front of the classroom so I was in the back alone with the “geeks” of the class. They were nice but not the kinds of people that I usually placed myself with. I actually felt bad for them. Most of the kids at our school were either too cool to hang out with them, or they never showed up.

After class, I somehow seemed to run into Vinny again. But this time he didn’t just walk by. This time he actually began to approach me. I saw him coming and by the time I finally stopped being distracted by his copper brown eyes, it was too late to walk away. “Hey! Wait up! My name is Vinny, what’s yours? I’ve seen you around school, and I have been trying to talk to you but you seem to always avoid me,” he said. At that moment my face was burning up and I didn’t quite know what to say. Yes, I despised him and his football star friends, but he was just so gorgeous that at that moment there was no way I would be able to turn away from him and leave. “ I’m Roxy,” was all I could say. I didn’t know what else to say. It was like my heart was trying to jump out of my throat but I had just enough strength to swallow it down. “So I was wondering, are you going to the game on Friday night? Because I would really like to hang out with you afterwards and if I win, I will treat you out to ice cream. If I lose then we could go to the beach and learn more about each other. What do you think?” he asked. “ I would love to’” I replied a little bit too quickly. “Good then it’s a date,” he said with a flirtatious smile on his face. Great! I had just agreed to go on a date sort of thing with the one boy that I absolutely couldn’t stand. Wow and I thought I would never do anything that stupid. Something would definitely go wrong. I wasn’t even his type! Why was he talking to me in the first place? He probably thought he could get in my pants just like every other girl he had ever taken out or entranced.

What most people didn’t know about me was that I was a Christian. Nobody ever asked. All anyone cared about were my looks, the people I hung out with, and how popular I was. Everyone thought that I was popular because I was on the basketball team every year and because I had a nice body. But nobody understood. Yes, those things may have helped it, but they were not the main reason. The reason I was so popular was because I was nice to everyone and I wasn’t a total prep like the other girls in my high school. Yes, I may have had a nice body, but why couldn’t people see me for who I really was? Anyway, my Christianity was never brought up in conversation. I guess I didn’t look like the Christian type (whatever that is).

My being a Christian and all was what I thought would be a turn off to guys. But the thing is, I never really even had the chance to find out because I had only dated 3 other guys while I was a Christian, and they attended the same church as I did. Yes, I had dated way more than three guys in my life but not as a Christian.

Now, back to the whole Vinny and I situation. Friday night I dressed my best and did my makeup extremely well. It took longer than usual because I didn’t want to look stupid and ugly in front of him. Our football team was the Titans and we were facing the Indians. We had only lost one game so far that season and there was only one game left before the play offs. Vinny mad the winning tough down that night and was very happy after the game. After he had changed, we went to his car and he acted completely different than I would have expected. When we got to his car, he opened the door for me and even asked me what kind of music I like once we got in the car. We made small talk when he said something that shocked me. “So, I have had a crush on you since the 5th grade. I know that probably sounds stupid, but I have. I just never knew how to tell you because I could tell that you thought I was a jerk. If people would just get to know me they would realize that I am actually a really nice guy,” he said. “Yeah, especially after you have slept with half the girls in school and then decided to never talk to them. You sound like a really nice guy!” I said laughing hysterically. “Oh that was harsh. You can think what you want but I didn’t actually like them. I actually do like you. I’m trying to be completely honest with you because I don’t want to mess up what we have,” he said idiotically. “Wow, and what exactly do we have? Cause I have only talked to you maybe three times since 5th grade. Not to mention the only things that I know about you are that you are cocky, and play football. Oh, and you have slept with half of the girls at school,” I stated matter-of-factly. Suddenly he slammed the breaks and brought the car to a halt. “Ok roxy, what is the deal here? Why are you being so hard on me? You havnt even gotten to know me yet! Jeesh! IF you want me to take you home I will. I just wanted to actually get to know you and possibly, eventually go out with you. I’m telling the truth when I say that I honestly like you! I swear on the whole football team and my football career!” he said with a slight tear in his eye as his face began to beat bright red.

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on Aug. 3 2010 at 1:36 pm
SmileyFace94 SILVER, Queens, New York
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wow, this is pretty good. i like it alot. the only thing i dont get is why u brought up the whole christianity thing. i dont really understand what u were trying to get at. but other than that, i love it! i can tell theres going to be a chapter 2 so i cant wait! :)

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