The First Kiss

July 18, 2010
Veronica and I stood on the sandy,sea-shell covered beach. The moon shined over us and the shore at twilight. Beside us stood the heart, with Veronica and Tony,that we drew in the sand. She held a tulip-that I bought her earlier in the night.
Veronica looked me in the eyes and smiled.Her mouth widened showing all of her pearly white teeth. She dropped the tulip and reached her her hand out to mine,interlocking our fingers.Her warm palm pressed against mine. Her fingers rubbed mine,making me feel like someone was there for me.She brought her body closer to me.
As she pushed her body towards my chest,her lips parted slightly. The closer she came the more open her mouth became. She kept her eyes locked on mine until her lips where near my ear. She whispered, "Tonight I am yours. I want you to show me that you love me. I want you to show me that you will be there for me when I need you. I want you to show me that I'm worth everything you've done for me. Kiss me, Tony."
She brought her face from my shoulder-side, putting us face-to-face again. She twisted her head to the left, I twisted mine to the right. Suddenly-almost instanly- our lips collided causing me to forget my worries,my fears, and my simpilest thoughts. I became blank as she sunk her lips into mine. Her breath was cold and mint. Her lips tasted of cherry blow-pops and monster energy drinks. She moved her hand down my chest,while we kissed on that desserted beach.
Two years later, We returned to that shore on yet another date. We walked down the beach, skipping sea-shells on that beautiful ocean.

"Honey,come here. Look at this." She called to me "It's the heart I drew the night we had our very first kiss." And as sure as day, the heart with our names was drawn into the sand. I've been married to Veronica for 40 years. We spent every anvissery on that same beach.

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Musawwir21 said...
Oct. 27, 2011 at 3:50 pm
I think this is beautiful first because my name is Veronica and that name isnt really common only in books and movies . And the fact that i havent had my first kiss yet either i hope its as beautiful as yours . i wish the best to you and yours . God Bless
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