A thing called love, Part 2

July 20, 2010
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"London School of Economy is considered the best school for specialized students in finance. It was founded in 1895 by Beatrice and Sibney Webb. Oh, here we are, this is the principal's office, you can go from here, nice to meet you"- The ole friendly security guard smiled to Dawn.
Pull herself together, she came into the o#room and was greeted by a lovely woman.
"Good morning, you musr be the new student, Dawn?"
"Yes, madam"- she replied shyly.
" Just call me Ms. Jonhs. We are glad to have you at our school. Hope you will have a good time here. There another American student here you will meet in a seclnd and he will show you around!"- The principal smile motherly.

Dawn smiled back, worried a little bit.
A while later, there came a similar figure at the door.
"Oh you are here, let's meet the newbie, she is Dawn and I need you to show her around today and help her when she needs. I'd like you to do the best. "She tured to Dawn" This is Nate and he will be your guide today, get acquainted!"
"Hi!, I'm Dawn, nice to meet you"
"H-Hi! I'm Nate, pleased to meet" Dawn could see surprise in his eyes although Nate seemed absolutely normal.

"Why did you come here to study? You knew that I am studying here ?"- There was panicking in Nate's voice, he was angry and confuse at the same time
"No, I want to study here"Coldly did Dawn answered, she wanted to make Nate suffer.
"Liar! You've always wanted to study hospitality and this is an economics school" Nate almost shouted as he couldn't control himself anymore.
"Wanna know the reason ? It's because I was looking for you like crazy, you said you like me and you left me. Do you know how it hurts? Do you know how I have been living these years, under the impression that your love was a lie?"
" My love for you was never a lie, don't you doubt it?"
" Yes, I doubt it that you cheated on me , you left me!" Dawn's voice was shaken as tears streamed down her beautiful face.
And Nate froze, his best friend whom he gave his heart to was crying right in front of his eyes and all he did was nothing.
His heart was broken into pieces seeing his love crying.

Absentmindedly, he hugged the shaken figure of Dawn into his strong arms.
"I love you, past, present and future. At a time, I thought that you didn't love me, so I just left. Sorry, I love you!" He mouthed and wiped away the tears.
"I-I love you too, now, don't leave me, OK?" Dawn said like whisper. Behind her tears, there was a smile of happiness.

This is a modern fairy tale..

The End

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