True Love.

July 20, 2010
I came home one day to my boyfriend, Dylan. He has Blue eyes, Blonde hair, And a smile that can make you die for. He is nineteen and his birthday is July 3rd. He is very sweet and kind. He will listen to anything you have to say. He is the man i have always dreamed of. One day i hope to marry him.

My name is Noelle Smith. Im twenty, one year older than my boyfriend. I am out of school, and hoping to go to college very soon. I love everything about life and it's nature. I'm a kind hearted person and care about everyone but myself. I tend to make other people happy, So i don't really try hard to do so.

I walk in the door and there is Dylan, sitting on the couch watching t.v. He was watching the Degrassi reruns, until he came and hugged me at the door way. After he was done welcoming me home we went and sat in the kitchen. He said i have to tell you something.
I said what is it? And Dylan got down on his knee and proposed to me. I was overwhelemed and finally said yes.

We finally sat down after we kissed and i stopped crying. I was so happy and excited i had no clue what to do! Then Dylan asked me to go to dinner with him. And obviously i said yes. So i got my coat and we headed out the door.

Dylan was driving us to a place i was unfamiliar with so i didn't ask anything, Just took his hand in mine and smiled like a fool. He smiled back and whispered you will like it, trust me. So i agreed with him. Waiting unpatiently i kept saying in my mind, Where are we going? I hope it's not a horrible restraunt.

Dylan pulled into a parking lot nearby and turned off the car. He got out and ran to my side and opened the door before i could open it myself. I smiled and said I love you and thanks. Dylan automaticaly he said it right back, and i felt loved.

It was dark and while holding hands, we went into the dark. We finally arrived this place that was lite up with a whole bunch of lights and it was beautiful, the most beautiful thing i had ever seen! It was called Crystals. Me and Dylan walked in and a waiter named Dianne lead us to a booth.

We sat down and looked around and then finally meet Dylan's Blue eyes. I smiled and he smiled. I told him he did the perfect job of picking out the place. It was Perfect. It was beyond Pereft.

The place was amazing. On the celing hung beautiful light fixtures made of crystals, The floor was tile, white tile to be exact, The windows were covered with blue curtains and there was a band playing jazz. Romantic.

I started to look around more carefully to see if i knew anyone, the first time i had just glanced around. Then in the corner i saw my Best friend, Kandice. She had her hair down in a red bunch of curls with blue jeans and a nice shirt. She was pretty. She was a man i had never seen before. So i told Dylan i'm going over to see my friend and he said, i'll go with you. So we started over there.

Me and Dylan finally got over there and we looked at them and then i said Hey, Kandice. She looked up and said oh Hey! She stood up and we both hugged each other. Kandice sat back down and her date was staring up at me. I finally asked So Kandice, Who's your date and she said, Oh, him. His name is Daniel Westbrook. I said cool, i'm happy for you. Kandice said no, I'm happy for you.
At that point i was ready to go, i knew she loved Dylan and i didn't want her to suffer. So i told Dylan come on let's go, Please.

We left and Dylan was mad. I told him i wasn't feeling good and that i had to be alone tonight, of course to think. So Dylan left and i was alone. I thought about how Kandice had loved Dylan and still did. It had gotten to the point where i couldn't take it anymore. I felt sorry for her. So i went to bed that night and thought about how Kandice felt for the very first time.

By that time i had stopped talking to Dylan and i know, were engaged but i needed time alone. Time for myself. I thought about what would happen if Dylan and Kandice got together... I shoke the thought out of my head, that will not happen. So that whole day i thought about what i was going to do about my life. Thought about what me and Dylan would do for our lives.

It's been seven weeks now that i haven't talked to Dylan. I invited him over, So hopefully he will come. It was over twenty minutes before he came at the time he said he would. He walked in with a bouqet of flowers and handed them to me. Roses. My favorite. So i invited him in and we talked and talkes for hours. When he decided to leave he kissed me on the lips and said "I love you, forever." and i said "I love you to... Forever" and then i kissed him again.

That night i went to sleep thinking of him, thinking of Kandice. I talked to Kandice on the phone the next day and she asked if she could come over and i said, Sure. So she came, cried that her and Daniel didn't work out. She cried for hours until i had finally gotten a headache and told her to go home.

It is May twelth. I hadn't talkin to Dylan in a week. I was at walmart buying some wine, too relax. Then i saw what my eyes didn't want me to. I saw Dylan with Kandice flirting with him, Holding hands! We were engaged i needed time to think! it was only seven WEEKS! Not a month. I tried to hide in an isle that they were not on. Looking at them in silence and disbelief. It was Horribe, Fear, And Amazement at the same time. I couldn't bare this so i dropped the wine and ran out of the store crying.

I got in my car. WHile i was driving i could barely see because of the tears in my eyes, i couldn't believe this! Was i going Crazy? Was i dreaming? Of course not they were holding hands. So i went hime as fast as i could..

In the end, I killed myself. The sad ending.

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Soccergirl1418 said...
Jul. 28, 2010 at 5:35 pm

This was good and had a good idea. THe dialouge should be more noticable like in quotes. and at the end you say:

"it was only seven WEEKS! Not a month."

there a four weeks in a month, so seven weeks would be just under two months.

And the end. What happens? do they decide not to get married. and the last two paragraphs are a little confusing!

Keep writing its really good though!!

TerraTAZz replied...
Aug. 2, 2010 at 1:57 am
Good Writing, Sad ending,
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