The Only Exception

July 19, 2010
By rose66 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
rose66 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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It was October 19th. A day that, I have to admit, changed my life forever. The colors swirled around me as it created a blur of nature so mesmerizing. Each leaf had its own distinct shade unique from the others. The warmth of colors wrapped around me enclosing me into a chimera. My body shivered in awe, despite the warmness surrounding me. The wind rippled across the grass as the sun hung from an invisible string, beholding the world as it warmed everything. The field was filled with leaves and yellow as the sun at midday. The heart of the field was a luxuriant green and it was fair. On the ground, lay weeds that were plentiful, but gentle. Their leaves wrapped around others in a web. The autumn sky complimented the field in more ways than one. The red and orange sky made the fall leaves the colors of flames, and the sky was an aroma of fire and warmth. The clouds, white with hints of blue, made the weeds grow in depth as they gave nature rain to survive. The field was rich and simple, and it was a view to see. My head nestled into Aaron’s chest as we sat together under the shade of the blossomed cherry tree watching the scenery painted before out eyes. Chills trickled down my spine as our fingers intertwined into one. Our eyes followed the whispers of the wind along the wide field while our ears listened to the rustled leaves falling gently as snow onto the ground. High rise beat down on the avenue of colors that were brushed around so gently. As I turned to look up at Aaron’s face, I see him smiling at me from above.

I smiled back curiously, “What?”

He shook his head, “Nothing. It’s just your heart is beating so fast. Is everything ok?” His hand took mine and placed it gently where my heart belonged. The thumps beat faster as I melted into warm chocolate. I just couldn’t get enough. It felt so good; it must have to been love. My heart was filled with him as I realized I was falling too deep. No, I couldn’t tell him how I felt even though I wanted too. I was too scared, so I hid it inside my head replaying what I wanted to say. I bit my lip keeping myself from saying something embarrassing as my eyes locked with his.

He cradled me into his arms laughing. “Leila, why are you so quiet?” I don’t answer letting him suffer the deafening silence. His eyes filled with curiosity and eagerness. It was so hard to look away from his pleading expression.

I finally took a deep breath of the pure atmosphere and sighed, “I just didn’t want to ruin the moment.” I reluctantly answered shrugging my shoulders.

He laughed gently, “Leila, you are the moment. You know you just keep making it memorable to me.”

“Sure, I am,” I replied sarcastically grinning. I sighed deeply in wonder. Wondering how lucky I was to be here with him as our sighs harmonized as one. His thumb was tracing little circles on my arm lightly. I would be content to stay like this for days.

“Leila,” he said breaking my thoughts. “What are you thinking of?” He asked in frustration as he played with a strand of my curls.

“I was thinking how the view is so pretty,” I began looking away from him. “And, I wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone, but you. I don’t want this moment to end, and I want you to take me to the all the other places you have been.” I stopped letting what I had just said soak in. “It’s just I feel like you starting to see right through me, and I have never felt so relaxed in such a long time.” The silence was becoming tortuous as he never answered back. I gulped fearing he wouldn’t feel the same way as me. I turned my eyes to him and see him looking at me deeply.

“Leila” he finally answered. “There is only you I wanted to spend this day with too. No one else would ever be right for me. You are the perfect piece that fits in perfectly into my puzzle of life. Right now, there is only you in my life. I want to share all my love here with you.” Aaron tucked a strand of my hair back as it glowed in the late sunset. His breath on my face lit me in fire. His beautiful eyes gazed right back into mine as I read what they were truly saying. “I love you,” he whispered so softly into my ear. So gently as he caressed me in his arms. My heart stopped. My breath was held back. I lay real still as my mind paused in silence. He said it. Those. Three. Words. My body warmed all over.

“Aaron,” I whispered nervously. “I love you too.” Using his free hand, he stroked my cheek. I pressed my face into it breathing in his scent as we both let our hearts out. We smiled at each other knowing that this time has finally come, and we were together. We lay there together under the blossomed cherry tree as our souls touched one another. I breathed in the pure fall air filling me with energy throughout my body. My mind was filled with every thought of him.

That day, October 19, was the day I became a part of Aaron. He became a part of me. I let myself sink into him as the sunset colors were turning into blackness and I could make out a few diamonds in the sky. He was mine. The only exception.

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