Princess on the run chapter 2

July 10, 2010
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I grabbed my bag put it on my bed and ran over to my closest and grabbed a bunch of clothes. I don’t know where I’m going all I know is I’m getting out of here, if I can’t be with the man I love I don’t want to be with any man. I started grabbing everything I thought I might need. I put every thing in my bag and hid it under my bed. I looked at the clock about six o'clock, almost time for dinner. I went to my closet again and changed into one of my dining gowns. I went downstairs and into the dining hall. My father was sitting at the table looking sternly at me.
"you're five minutes late.". He said folding his hands and placing them on the table.
"I know father I'm sorry.
"Don't let it happen again. Now come, sit, it's our last dinner just you and me before you meet your fiancé." he said smiling at me.
I forced a smile onto my face and sat down. He ran his bell and our ferving fairie came in with our food, it was a lovely smoked catepillar with buggle berry on top. I breathed in a the scent of the catapillar, it smelled wonderfully
delectable. The serving fairy placed a plate at my place. Imeadiately I wanted to try it and stuff my face but I knew I could'nt I'm a princess and I need to be polite, respectful and lady like. I not so patiently waited for my dad to take the first bite and the second after he did I I quikly picked up my forkl and started eating as quikly as I could.
"Nysatia! slow down. that is not how any lady let alone a princess should act."My father said and I rolled my eyes and slowed down to a "princess like" fashion. I'm not exactly the conventional princess, I dont want to marry the man my father chose for me, I plan on running away, and most of all in my father's eyes Im not very well mannered.
I sighed and kept eating, and kept silent until my father asked "Are you excited to meet Todios tomorow?".
"Hmmm, am I excited to meet the man I am being forced to marry, against my will as if I have no capability to decide for myself, to feel for myself." I started, my father gave me a dis aproving look but I kept going. "I'm not some little rag doll who cant make her own descisions. I should be allowed to choose the man I marry. I should be allowed to marry for love and not for royalty. I HATE being a princess!" by this point I was yelling. I stood up and left the dining hall, leaving my empty plate of smoked catapillar. I stormed up the stairs into my chambers. I changed into a comfatable traveling gown. I knew I couldnt leave yet because every night my father comes in to say good night and I'm sure he was going to come in and lecture me about my "outburst" and dinner tonight. I climbed into bed and under the covers and made sure none of my traveling down was showing. I picked up my book off the night table and began to subconsiously read, there was so much going through my mind right now. I kept subconsiously reading until about ten o'clock when my father knocked on my door.
"Nysatia, may I come in?" he asked.
"sure." I said and he walked in and sat on my bed beside me.
"What was all that about tonight?" he asked I just looked at him and started to answer but he inrupted me. "I know you are nervous about tomorow but it will all be ok, I promise." he said and finished. I decided to lie and agry with him.
"Yes father, you're right it will all be ok, I will meet Todios and everything will work out."
"Now thats the spirit." He smiled "now get some rest tomorow is going to be a busy day." He kissed my forehead and got up and walked out the door, I made sure he shut the door and then I got up walked to the door cracked it open listened to him walk down the hall, go into his bedroom and shut the door. I ran over to my desk grabbed some parchement and a quill and quickly wrote 2 lettsers. The first to my father and it said:
/Dear father,
I am sorry I have to do this but I dont love todios and I dont want to marry a man I dont love, its not fair to him and its not fair to him. This is something I have to do and again I'm sorry. I am fine and please do not come after me or send anyone after me./
The second was to Dylios and it said:
/My love Dylios,
I am so sorry I am doing this to you, I love you more than you could ever imagine and that is why I can not marry Todios. I am running away and I hope to see you again but in case I dont I love you I always have and I always will and no matter what it will always be you I want, it will always be you I think of and hoipe to marry. You are my everything and this is so hard for me to do but goodbye and remember you will always be in my heart.


I folded bother letters and sealed them, then I walked over and grabbed my bag. I very quietly walked out my door, shut it and walked down the stairs. I didnt see any of the servant faireis and I made my way through the castle. When I got down to the ground floor I walked into my father's office and placed the letter on his desk. Then I walked out,shut the door. I quietly walked out the castle and down the front steps, I looked around none of the faries or garden pixies were around so I started running. I ran and ran until I got about a mile away and was on the top of a hill I turned around and looked back at the castle, I took a deep breath and started walking. I walked to Dylios' tiny shack of a house and I slid the little under his door and wispered I'm sorry my love. Then I started running again, I had to get as far away as I could.

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Dani-Bug said...
Aug. 2, 2010 at 11:29 pm

It was good but remember to check your spelling and grammar.


Alex1229 replied...
Aug. 3, 2010 at 11:33 am
I know I know
Dani-Bug replied...
Aug. 3, 2010 at 2:17 pm
I know you would do the same to me XD
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