The Boy and the Girl

July 14, 2010
By AnonymousTroll BRONZE, Blaine, Washington
AnonymousTroll BRONZE, Blaine, Washington
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Once upon a time, on a cold autumn night, there lay a small house on the shores of the ocean. Inside this house lived a family consisting of a mother, a father, a daughter, and a son. This family seemed like any other most of the time, but the son was much different from the rest of his family. The boy was often ignored, as his mom and dad found his sister as the favorite. He was very sad, and didn’t often join in with his family whenever they went somewhere, played games, watched movies, or anything else you could see a family doing. You see, this boy had led a rather hard, unhappy life.

The boy had been bullied throughout his time at school, and it sent him into a deep depression that most people never thought he’d pull out of. His family moved around a lot, and they were never in one school for more than 3 years. The boy never had a good chance to make a lot of friends. And whenever he did make friends, they weren’t always nice. They teased him, pushed him around, and acted very unfriendly overall. However, they were the only people the boy could ever really talk to. Nobody else talked to him, and his family ignored him most of the time. It seemed like the only place the boy could feel happy and comfortable was online.

Playing on the computer was the boy’s favorite things to do. He would play games, read stories, watch videos, and even talk to people he’d never met. People he talked to over the Internet were always really nice to him, and he was always happy when he could talk to people. Almost all of his spare time would be spent on the computer, and he almost never talked with anyone in person. Seeing the difference between talking to the boy on the computer and face-to-face made him seem like a different person. And one day, while browsing some art online, he found someone who would change the course of his life forever.

There was a website that the boy was constantly on where people could upload pictures and artwork for everyone to see. And one day, he found the work of an artist that caught his eye. It wasn’t like most stuff he had seen, and he really liked it. For the next few days, the boy examined all the art that the person had made. The boy sent the artist a message telling them how much he liked their art. A few minutes later, the boy was surprised to find a reply from the artist, thanking the boy for his nice comment. Within minutes, the boy and the artist had started up a big conversation about art, games, movies, and many other things they liked. The boy then asked the artist if he could have their instant messenger address, so they could talk to each other more.

After a few weeks, the boy and the artist had become good friends, talking to each other almost constantly. The boy could hardly focus on anything else besides the artist at all times, even at school. Soon enough, a night came when the boy asked what the artist looked like. The artist agreed to show a photo, but only if the boy sent one in return. The boy agreed, and they took pictures of themselves for each other. When the boy received the picture, he was surprised to find that the artist was actually a beautiful young girl, no older than he was. This only strengthened their friendship, and they felt an even stronger connection between each other.

Months passed, and the boy became absolutely glued to his laptop at all times, doing nothing but talking to the girl. He talked to her all day, and all night, waking up early and staying up late just to talk about what happened that day or what songs they’re listening to. He had his laptop with him at school, at home, at friends’ houses; almost anywhere he could find an Internet connection. The girl was all that he ever talked about to his friends and family, however most of them never seemed to care. This didn’t matter to the boy, because he was so happy to finally have a friend that treated him like he mattered.

It had been 7 months since they first met, and the girl said that she really wanted to meet with the boy. The boy lived in Washington, and the girl lived in North Carolina. The boy and the girl were heartbroken to realize that they lived almost 3000 miles away from each other. After that, the boy and the girl were more down than most days. They spent every waking moment trying to think of ways they could meet with each other, but none of the ideas had the chance to work. It felt like there was no hope for the two of them, but they wouldn’t give up. Sooner or later, they would find each other.

One day, the boy was talking to the girl, but something felt a little different. He felt more excited when talking to her, and he got butterflies in his stomach when he looked at her pictures. He couldn’t quite understand what had come over him, until one night when they finally decided to talk to each other using cameras and microphones on their computers. The boy and the girl could finally speak to each other without having to read a string of text. After the girl finally had to go to bed, it was then that the boy had realized why he was feeling so strange: The boy had actually fallen in love with the girl.

His mind was constantly rattled with thoughts about the girl, and soon, he couldn’t take it anymore. It was a warm night in August, and the boy was home alone, chatting on camera with the girl. The boy seemed rather nervous throughout, which piqued the girl’s curiosity. She asked if he was okay, and he couldn’t hold it from her another second. Without putting any thought into it, he blurted out “I love you” to the girl. Both of them sat silently, frozen from shock at the boy’s exclamation. Finally, the girl spoke up, and admitted that she loved him too. The boy couldn’t believe what he just heard. He bounced with pure delight at this, and from that day, they became boyfriend and girlfriend.

It seemed like it was impossible, but the boy and the girl began talking even more than before. They seemed absolutely inseparable. Their relationship together went on for almost an entire year. Within a week, the two of them would be celebrating their 1-year anniversary. The girl said she’d been planning something extra special for the boy, and he couldn’t contain his excitement. But one night, only 2 days before the event, the girl told the boy that she had to go away for a few days, and would end up missing the anniversary. The boy felt heartbroken at the news, and shed a single tear of despair. However, he dried his eyes and told her that he understood, and he couldn’t wait to see her again. The girl said goodbye, and went offline. The boy sat in silence, mourning the idea of his girlfriend missing their 1-year anniversary.

Soon enough, the night came. The boy’s parents had gone out to some adult party and his sister ran off with her friends, leaving the boy alone in solitude. He lay curled up on the couch that night, looking at a picture of the girl. His thumb slowly slid along her cheek, hoping to feel the warmth of her soft skin, but he only felt the rough paper. It didn’t take much of this loneliness to make the boy start to cry. However, his sorrow was short lived, as he had an unexpected visitor.

A car pulling up into the boy’s driveway broke the silence of the night. He ran to the window to see who it could have been. However, it would’ve been too early for his parents to return, and his sister was spending the night with her friends, leaving him confused as to who it could be. He looked closer, only to realize that it was a taxi, which appeared to be dropping someone off. They wore a sweater with the hood pulled up, covering their face. The boy stepped outside to investigate as the mysterious guest pulled a few bags from the trunk. The guest looked over to the boy who stepped into the driveway, and began to approach him.

The stranger stopped right in front of the boy, and not a word was spoken from either of them. The boy took a hold of the stranger’s hood and pulled it off to see whom his guest was. And much to his own surprise, it was none other than the girl, who had stolen his heart so long ago. Before the boy could even think to say something, the girl pulled him into a tight hug, refusing to let go. The boy was caught off guard, leaving him in shock. His head soon cleared, and he took a gentle hold of the girls chin. Slowly, her head tilted up to his, gazing deep into each other’s eyes. Without a word, their heads instinctively moved closer to each other, and they were pulled into a deep, passionate first kiss that either of them could only dream of. And they both lived happily ever after.

~The End~

The author's comments:
One of the best parts about it is how most of it is based on a true story <3

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