Insurmountable Joy?

July 14, 2010
By REMi93 GOLD, Boston, Massachusetts
REMi93 GOLD, Boston, Massachusetts
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Love Never Fails

Even though I'm happy to be here, his comment brings to my mind those things that reduce me to incessant tears. As they roll down my face, his arm wraps around me and gently rubs my back. This simple gesture consoles and comforts me immensely. He lovingly brushes away my tears. Being genuinely concerned about me, he asks, "What's wrong?". I try my best to explain my mixed overwhelming feelings through my uncontrollable crying, but I do not know how. Although he can not completely comprehend what I'm going through, his voice alone puts me at ease. His thoughtful expressions are an oasis for my troubled mind and his arms are secure soothing protective walls. When I look into his eyes, I see his empathetic amorous soul. The gushing waterfalls of my eyes have vanished. I now feel entirely sheltered and invincible with him at my side. I choose to discuss a lighter topic to lift the melancholy, yet blissful, spirit shared between us.

My plan works. Now, we are joking and laughing, playfully speaking about anything that enters our minds. Neither of us realizing it, an hour has gone by and we are still cheerfully going on and on with our conversation. As we giggle another subject off discussion, a sudden silence comes over us, not at all awkward. Instead, it seems to be natural and necessary. I glance around the room and then I turn to him, sensing his beautifully charming eyes staring at me. When I look into them, our eyes interlock onto each others. He carefully moves closer toward me and our lips meet in an over-joyous mutual expression of love. Have I ever enjoyed a more euphoric moment as this?

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