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July 13, 2010
By chibi_sushay1221 BRONZE, Columbus, Georgia
chibi_sushay1221 BRONZE, Columbus, Georgia
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I flipped through my Rolling Stone magazine completely bored,” Is it time to go yet?” I whined to my best friend Piper Panay.
“We just started our shift, Lacey,” she blew a grape bubble, “stop being a crybaby.”
It was your average Saturday morning. Except instead of sleeping in I was at work with my friends.
“I’m tired!” I groaned, “I was up all night trying to finish my paper for Ms.Robin so I wouldn’t have my whole weekend ruined.” I laid my pale face on the counter top, “I just need a nap.”
“Skye! What are you doing?” Manda, our manger, shouted, “I’m not paying you to sleep.”
I groaned and adjusted my skulls & crossbones headband. I stared at my reflection in the countertop. Pale face, green eyes, and dark jet black hair with purple highlights (purple owns XD).
“Piper have you seen James, Kyra, or Aiden today?”
“Well I-“
Just then James Handler and Aiden Pickford walked in right behind him.
“Hello my darlings,” James came around and gave each of us a kiss on the check, “Lacey no more of that powdered make-up your pale enough as is.”
James was our super fabo gothic gay ken doll. He had blonde hair, baby blue eyes, and these totally awesome thick black chic glasses. He was literally covered in piercings, his nose, tongue, eyebrows and both sides of his lips. With Kyra as his partner in crime James was a mess, but he always gives the best advice, plus his mom makes the best cookies.
“The paler the better,’ I smiled.
“Well were not trying to make friends with the dead.”
“I’ve think I’ve seen corpses with more color,” Piper teased pinching my cheeks. I stuck out my tongue, “Nyah.”
Aiden set his books behind the counter and sat down in one of the chairs and leaned back, “I have no idea why I associate with you people.”
“You people?” Manda and James glared at him. I had to stifle back a laugh. Aiden said the wrong this at the wrong times. Aiden Pickford has been my best guy bud for like a billion centuries. He was totally the poster child for an emo/ rebel. He more his dark hair shaggy and in his brown eyes. I totally loved him and everything, but sometimes his sarcastic ways got on my nerves.
“Everyone’s her except Kyra-, “
In strolled tiny Kyra Davidson. Short, fiery, and completely original Kyra was super something. Half black and Mexican Kyra loved her ethnic look. With a cute baby doll face dark freckles and brown hair (blue highlights) we loved Kyra.
“Ello, Ello,” Kyra smiled hands filled with shopping bags. She wore low ride jeans and a short tank that showed her pierced mid-drift.
“Hello, what’s with the British accent Amy Winehouse?”
“Oh nothing, just a very hawt bod down at the Abercrombie & finch store.”
“Oooh new guy’s out.” James said smiling and licking his lips.
“Si and boy is he something.”
“Enough people get to work!”
We grumbled but dispersed to our stations.
It was about noon when the store started to slow down.
“Lacey, come with me down to the Abercrombie store,” Kyra literally begged me, “I wanna see the hot guy.”
“Ummm that’s kinda betraying our store,” Piper pointed out.
(Did I forget to mention I work at Hot Topic? Oops.)
“But he’s super hot.”
“Get James to go with you,” I said, not really wanting to move.
“But he has a customer. Please Lacey. Pretty please Piper.”
Piper and I shared a look, “Well…”
“Go ahead, I’ll cover.”
“Thanks Aiden!” we hugged him and ran out before he changed his mind.
The window of the store was surrounded by girls from all over the place. I had to admit that he was cute in a clean cut gross Abercrombie way, short brown hair, blue-green eyes, and abs that could have been carved by god. We pressed our faces against the glass.
“Told you,” Kyra taunted, “Is he not hot.”
The guy noticed us staring at him and waved. Kyra squealed and Piper rolled her eyes. She was definitely more into the dark and mysterious dudes. He waved us in and Kyra grabbed our arms, “Let’s go in!”
“Noooo!!!” Piper and I screeched, “Are you trying to kill us?”
“Come on your over reacting.”
“No were not.”
“It smells like preppy people,” I whined.
Kyra dragged us into the store. For a little gal she had a strong grip.
The store was worse than we imagined, bright lights and pastels, yuck. Kyra lead us right over to where the window model was waiting.
“Umm, excuse me.”
We turned and faced the definition of a preppie b***h, Carly Munson. Carly is one of those girls who really hot girls hang around to make them look better. She had a weird not natural hair color (my guess from too much bottle blonde bleaching). Everything about her was fake. Fake lips, bad nose job, and awful boob job. One was totally bigger than the other. The only thing that was real about her was… well nothing.
“I think you guys are a little lost Hot Topic is the other way.”
I rolled my eyes, “Don’t you think we know that. There’s no way we choose to be in this disgusting place.”
“Really, Ouch.” There appeared Mr. Abercrombie. Let me tell you the window was not doing him justice. He was so much better looking. Of course in a gross Abercrombie way.
“Hey,” we all purred in our best good girl voices. Can you believe it? We purred, even Piper.
“Carly, I’m going to take my break now,” He said smiling at us with his gorgeous teeth.
“Alright, Mark,” Carly said breathlessly. We shared a look and rolled our eyes.
“Can I take you girls to lunch?”
“Sure!” Kyra piped up.
“Not. Aiden’s covering for us and you know how he gets,” Piper pointed out.
“But, you can walk us back to the store.”
“Well, alright.”
We waited as he put on his shirt and made our way back to Hot Topic.
“So, this is like your home away from home, huh?”
“Kind of, were here all the time.”
He stopped in front of the store, “I don’t think I’m welcomed in there.”
‘Your probably right.” I smirked.
“Well cya.”
“Bye.” We waved and watched as he jogged away.
“What a butt!” Kyra exclaimed gleefully.
James was waiting for us just like an angry gay bf, “You little skanks went to see the Abercrombie hottie with out me.”
“Sorry Jamesy,” we tried to sound as sorry as possible.
“I don’t wanna hear it.”
“Were sorry, were not gratefully of such James-ness,” we followed him around hoping to annoy him until he summated.
“Alright, alright you’re forgiven. Now give me all the dirty details.”

The author's comments:
Well this is my first time posting on this site & this is the first thing I worte that I put online...Ever. So enjoy. It does ahve a few bad words so tell me if that's allowed here.

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