Our Story Thus Far

July 9, 2010
By Angel_of_Death BRONZE, Fort Valley, Georgia
Angel_of_Death BRONZE, Fort Valley, Georgia
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I still remember the night we met, one night in February. I was on the phone with Andrew, and he was at your house. I don’t know how I talked to Andrew for so many months without talking to you, since you two are inseparable. It was around midnight, and since he had taken his sleeping pill, Andrew was dosing off on me early for once. He was doing that annoying thing he does, where he doses off and then tells me that I can’t hang up, after I finally pry him from his slumber.

I heard your voice in the background, “I’ll talk to her, man. I’m bored anyway.” I rolled my eyes, hoping you weren’t another one of his stupid friends, who will joke around with me for a while, then ask me what cup size I am. Thank God you weren’t like that.

You took the phone, and I remember being shocked at how deep your voice was. I don’t remember the exact words we spoke, but I remember talking about my boyfriend, and you saying he wasn’t treating me right. I remember looking you up on Myspace, and arguing about whether you were ugly or not. I remember talking about our favorite bands, and that you made me laugh so hard that I woke up my grandma and got yelled at for being up so late. We talked until mid-morning, and you promised to call me later that day, when Andrew leaves.

You did call, right when I was about to go back to my dad’s house. You made me promise to call you as soon as I was single, and I planned to be very soon.


I got home, to be informed that I was grounded for the next two weeks. I was crushed. How could I call you, if I was grounded?

I went to school that Monday, and I remember telling Christina all about you. I remember her saying that you sounded perfect for me. I couldn’t have agreed more. Every one of my friends told me to break up with Cameron for you, which I did whole-heartedly.

I was so excited the night that I was to be ungrounded. I remember running to the phone, and then realizing that I had forgotten your number. I decided to call Andrew. He was at your house, of course. But I didn’t get the good news that I was expecting that night, because your new girlfriend, Paige, was also at your house. I remember thinking that I shouldn’t be this disappointed, this...heartbroken, because I had just met you.


Months went by, and I was forced to look at pictures of you and Paige kissing, because I was friends with you on Myspace. I remember crying my eyes out the day the first one went up. I told all my friends that it didn’t matter anyway, that I really didn’t care, but inside, somehow, I knew we would be together one day.

I dated Sean and Andrew after I met you. That’s actually how we started talking again, because Andrew was too scared to break up with me himself. So I got a random call from you, four months after you broke my heart. I remember you telling me that you and Paige had broken up, because she had been using you. I remember you trying to tell me that I didn’t like you, and that we had a thirty minute argument about that. I remember calling Jonathan, my best friend, after talking to you, and him asking me what was wrong with me, because I sounded happy for once.

I remember talking about you nonstop to Chelsea on vacation, and wishing that you were in Tennessee with us. She said that you sounded perfect for me, and I couldn’t agree more.

But what happened, sweetie? When I came back from vacation, I remember Andrew telling me that you had told him that you didn’t like me. I remember not taking your calls after that, and wishing you would just go away. Which you did.

I dated Alex then, and he wanted to fight you for what you did to me, but I wouldn’t let him, because I loved both of you.


I had almost forgot about you, after Alex and I broke up. Then Amber spent the night at my house. My dad and I took her to her best friend Jacklyn’s (your girlfriend at the time) the next morning, and I remember seeing you in person for the first time. You were playing football with Jr, Buddy, and Joel. Amber pointed you out to me, and I whispered “he’s cute” to her. When I got out of the truck to let her out, I remember you stopping and staring at me. You smiled and waved, but I acted like I didn’t see.

“Who was that boy?” my dad asked, and I laughed.

“No one dad, just an old friend” I replied.


Apparently three times IS the charm, because I got an awkward call from you three days later. I couldn’t stop wondering why you had called me, so I asked Amber. “They just broke up.” she said, and told me about you and Jacklyn’s nasty break up. Then she told me that you had told Jr that you “like a girl named Haley, who Amber and Andrew know.” I was still doubtful, and didn’t want to give you my heart yet. I didn’t trust you.

Then Andrew randomly called me, the first time we had talked in months. We talked about everything that was new, and then he asked me if I would ever date you. Later, I found out you had gotten him to ask , but I just thought he was curious then. So I said that I would, if you could prove yourself to me. The he says “ok, hold on...” then I heard ringing. You answered and he asked you if you would ever date me. Your reply? “Yeah man, you know I like her!” Then Andrew says “Ok, well, you now have a new girlfriend...Haley, say Hi” God, I wanted to kill Andrew.

Then we had the conversation about Texas, that you were supposed to be moving there in two months, in February, a year from when we met. I remember you asking me if I wanted to stay together when you moved, and I wanted you to choose.

Two months later, you cried on the phone about how much you didn’t want to leave me, and I cried too. I had finally got you, I didn’t want to lose you so fast! Thank God your mom changed her mind, and you just moved to a nearby town, where I can still see you.

Five more months have passed since then, and I can honestly say that they have been amazing. You are my best friend as well as my boyfriend, and I love you more everyday. Now you’re talking about marrying me one day, and talking about forever. We may be far from Cinderella and Prince Charming, but in love no less. I love you James!

The author's comments:
This is based on my personal love story, with a little added. Not the best thing I've ever written, but what do you think?

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