trust in me Ch.2

July 16, 2010
By Alibee SILVER, Berkeley, California
Alibee SILVER, Berkeley, California
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We rode in silence. "Are you gunna be mad at me forever?" Ricky asked. i shrugged. I could just hear the smirk on his face."Come on ALi...please forgive me." he said. I looked out the window. "Please???" he asked. I refused to look at him. He slowly put his arm around me. "please?" he asked again. "Get off me." I said. He smiled. "Please forgive me?" he said. i shook my head. "Okay then. i guess I'll just drive you home." he said. He made a sharp turn at the corner. My heart was ounding quick, and hard. "Damn Ricky!"I screamed. he screeched to a stop and broke in laughter. "what the hell is your problem?" I asked. He just kept laughing. i gotta admit, it as pretty fun. "You're derranged."i said. "Come on. you know that was funny." he said. i giggled which lead to full on laughter. We sat in the car parked infront someones house. "So do you forgive me yet?" He asked on a serious note. "Yes i forgive you." i said. "Yay!" he cheered as he hugged me. It felt good to have him hug me like that. Like nothing else in the world mattered except us. We pulled away slowly, but somehow, I found my self just drawn in by his gaze. His eyes are so beautiful. Not colored, plain brown, but somehow...they were just so...and then we kissed. it was like peaches in the summer. Cotton Candy at a carnival. Anything good you can ever imagine all in one little kiss. Could this really be happening? No. Maybe it's a dream. Maby i'm not sitting here with Ricky. maybe I'm not kissing him. Maybe I'm not having the best kiss in my whole life with the one person i'd said i'd never fall inlove with. But yet. Here I was. Making out with my best friend. We pulled away. "wow. I-uhm-I mean...uhm..'I couldn't fin the words to say. suddenyl he made me toungue tied. What the hell! He's never made me feel this way. Ever! not eve the first time we sixth grade. It was a whatever kiss. but this one...this one was way different. I felt butterflies in my stomach like right before you get on a ride you know you're gunna throw up afterwards but you still go on. because of the funness of it. "So...home?" he asked fixing his eyes on the rode. "yeah...that'd be cool." i SAID. He drove and we sat in silence. i stared out the window. I can't believe I actually kissed him. Seriously? And I ENJOYED IT! I'm seriously delusional. I wonder if he liked it? Oh God. I'm prbably the worst kisser ever. He hates me. He's disgusted by my lack of kissing skills. Oh my God...I will get home and crawl under a rock. "We're here." he said. i opened the door. "bye Ricky." he was about to say something but I slammed the door and ran up the steps to my house. I ran up to my room and waited. i looked out the window. What is he still doing here?Oh crap! I think he looked up. He saw me. I just know it. he got out of his car and rang the doorbell.I'll just pretend I'm not here. wait, he just saw me go inside. What do i do? Do i answer it? i made my way down the stairs and took a deep breath beofre opening the door. "Hey Ricky."i said. he lokoed at his shoes. "uhm..about the kiss. uhm..."He stood confused like and toung tied. "yes?" I asked. He loked up and slowly brushed his lips against mine. nd that same feeling of passion came back.i wanted mre. More more kiss me more. I wanted him to hold me in his arms and kiss me. I wrapped my arm around his neck and kissed hi more. So maybe I'm not such a bad kisser after all huh? he pulled away and smiled. "So i better get home." he said. i smiled back. 'Okay on't know what to do now. Uhm...bye?" I said. He laughed and walked to his car." Bye Ali." He said beofre getting in his car and driving off. I turned around. "Ahh!"I screamed. "Shutup! God."Sarah said. "Oh sorry, but you scared me."i said. She smiled. "ooo someone's got a boyfriend.' She said. i blushed. "he's not my boyfriend...atleast i don't think he is...yet."I said. "yet?" She asked. I smiled. "Tell me everything." She said leading me to the living room.

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sorry its so short but I have stuff I had to do

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