Is This Love?

July 15, 2010
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I love you... I love you not... I love you... I love you not... I LOVE YOU!... maybe? Childs games; twisting and turning with indecision mixed in with the never-ending yearning to understand this little, big thing called "love". Choosing a sunflower's petal-picking to tell you what you want. Lies. You know you know what you want. One look at him or her and BAM! It hits you. Like a big yellow school bus, it finally hits you. You know you know you’re in love. No one else matters. Only you two are singled out like in those old, cheesy movies where everything begins to transform into slow motion. Suddenly, it’s not so cheesy anymore, is it? Then you start thinking, “Is this love?” Is love a single stare at that “perfect moment”? Is it that one point in time when you cried out over him… when you cried out for him? Is it when she kissed you and you felt her soft, amazing, pink-colored lips? When you looked in each other’s eyes? Is it a summer breeze even; intertwined with the intoxicating scent of butterfly wings and honey? Is it holding integrated hands; the black combined with white as they become one despite everyone claiming that it’s simply…wrong? Is it just breathing in each other’s air? Is it a sweet, blissful dream? Maybe even the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky…everything? Is love the being of someone dear? Is it that person’s life? Is it the world? This entire universe…is it love? Is this love? It is all love? Maybe…maybe not…maybe…maybe not…It is.

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