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July 15, 2010
By chriseliza SILVER, Jersey City, New Jersey
chriseliza SILVER, Jersey City, New Jersey
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your only as tall as your heart will let you be and your only as small as the world will make you seem and when the going gets rough and you feel like your along just remember your roughly 6ft tall

I hate how "I love you" is the only words people use to show or tell someone how much they mean to them. So I write this in hopes you understand how much you really do mean to me, and all that I'm about to say is exactly what I mean when I say "I love you".
You know how in life your body calls for things that are needed for you to live like oxygen, food,water well thats on everyone's list of needed things to live well mine is a little bit different. You can add yourself to my list right under oxygen. I love you more then anything to walk this universe. I'd give up everything I have just to breathe the same air as you do. I hope when I die an angel comes to me and says "what was the best part?" so I can say you, cause I really can't imagine all of this without you. I still remember when I first saw you. Its weird thinking back to then cause since then so much had changed. I sat right in front of you last day of 5th grade when I got my homeroom class for 6th grade. Its weird how when your younger and you see things one way that make total sense and another that doesn't make sense and something you imagine that would never happen and boom one day it just does and it fits perfectly in your life that's what happen to me with you. I love how it's been more than a year and it still feels like the first week together,cause the first feeling is always the best feeling. The highlight of my day is waking up and thinking "wow he's mine". I couldn't ask for anything better. Every birthday wish since I was 12 has gone to you, and I just blew out my candles again four days ago and I wished for you again. Wishes do come true it just takes time. No matter what fight, disagreement comes our way it won't matter cause at the end of the day there will always be one person my heart will belong to, and that's you. Nothing could change that,cause you don't give your heart to just anyone. My feelings for you scare me because there just to overwhelming,to much to take in,to complex to make myself understand them,and to real. I love how were like two halves,because the things I am you're not and the things you are I am not and I could never be. Within a persons life they try and figure out "who they are" and "what they stand for". The only time I can remember who I am is when I'm with you cause you are a part of who I am. If I jumped off a cliff I would trust you enough to know that you would be there at the bottom to catch me. I hate the passing of time because every day that passes reminds that our "always & forever & after that" shortens and it makes me just wanna press pause, but life doesn't work like that. I could never explain the feeling I get to anyone when you look me in the eyes and say "I love you", or the feeling I get when you kiss my cheek so softly, and the feeling of dragonflies in my stomach when your holding me. Butterflies can't touch that feeling.
All these things are what I mean when I say "I love you", and I mean even more but it's kind of hard to put into words. I love you and I wanna keep you so don't go anywhere.

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