July 15, 2010

There I was staring into her blue eyes as the cold winter breeze blew past us. Snow covered every inch of the ground, along with the last few falling leaves. I could see the moon’s reflection in her glistening eyes, at that moment our hands joined together at our sides. The warmth from one another seemed to calm us and sooth away the fear for what was just minutes away. It is amazing how the last few minutes you spend with someone completely out weighs an entire lifetime of moments, but even those last few minutes do not last as long as you wish them to.
A single tear began sliding down her cheek. This tear was being shed for everything she and I once were. I gently freed my right hand in order to catch the tear before it left her chin, and so I did. Catching this tear that was full of memories was one of the few things I could still give as affection. It is hard to give care to someone that time has been taking away. Many nights I awoke shedding my own tears. My tears were not of memories but they were of sorrow and pain. I knew that she was gone, but I also knew I would give anything to see her once more.
Prayers were said day after day and night after night. Asking the Lord to let you see a loved one that He has already taken, is too much for any man or woman to ask after everything He has previously given, but man should never limit God. On the night of December 30 of 2009 I knelt beside my bed with my hands folded to my head and prayed harder than ever before. Heartbreaking sobs were pouring from my body as my lips quietly moved. Of all the hardships I have experienced in my life, that night was the worst of all. I prayed until my entire body ached and until there were no more tears to shed. The 31st of December was the longest day I will probably ever live. I sat alone within my house, holding a picture of her, and dwelling on the nights that she laid asleep in my arms. Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, night fell, and thus New Years Eve came.
When the clock read 11:00 pm I forced myself from my pain filled prison and journeyed into the deathly cold evening. Before the New Year came, I wanted to revisit the place where I first met the love of my life. The park was only a few blocks from my home, and I unfortunately had all the time in the world. I walked the snowed coated path that she and I walked so many nights together, it truly felt like she was walking beside me once again. Time was slowly drifting away; as I walked by a couple I heard the man say, “Only 5 minutes until the New Year.” A New Year was supposed to represent a second chance, a time to change something in your life. Many people are lucky enough to receive a chance to change something within their lives, but the something that I wanted to change was far from reach.
Just after the couple walked by, I stopped just before the fork in the walk path where her and I first met. The moon was lighting up the entire park, the shadows from the trees were vividly displayed. I had to see it, so I turned and focused my eyes on the moon. At this particular moment I notice something about the moon that I never had before, its loneliness. There it sits night after night surrounded by the groups of stars, and it also looks down upon Earth and watches as couples hold hands and walk the time away. Sad when you really think about it, every person has a chance to meet someone that they can spend eternity with, but the moon will never have someone to spend its time with, and it is forced to observe others enjoying their existence to the fullest. For once in my life I truly felt as if I was the only person on the planet, destined to be alone forever; but as that feeling passed over my body, a familiar shadow caught my attention.
I slowly turned to face the owner of the shadow. For some reason my line of sight started at the ground and eventually worked its way up. At that moment in my life, at exactly 11:58 pm it was as if time had crumbled away and I had eternal life. Somehow, I was staring into my true loves beautiful blue eyes once again. A slight shiver shot up my spine, as I took one step closer to her. She was the most beautiful site, and my heart seemed to stop for a split second. I tried to speak, but words were not forming inside my mind, so no words were ever shared. We then joined hands at our sides and the warm feeling that I kept dreaming of had finally became reality. I wiped that tear from her chin, and brought my lips to hers. It was the kiss that said a thousand words. As our lips departed, I brought my arms from her back and placed my right hand within her left, and my left stroked her gorgeous hair once more. Then as if it were only seconds, the New Year befell us. I now had a hand on each side of her neck, as we carefully brought our foreheads together. We shut our eyes for a brief moment, and when I re-opened mine, the Lord had taken her back.
The Lord answered the prayer that many before me had hoped to get answered, and for what reason He answered mine, I do not know. What I do know, is that the Lord did see a reason for letting me see her that one last time, and for that I am forever grateful. Getting to hold her within my arms again made me realize something very important. Even though she is not physically with me, she is with me spiritually. With the memories that she and I made over the years I will be able to feel her presence around me, until the day we are once again reunited.
–James William

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Megan15 said...
Nov. 26, 2011 at 10:07 pm
Wow. James i have no words to say about this story. It is amazing. I hope i can write as good as you someday!
MelanieLouise This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 2, 2010 at 8:19 pm
i am speechless, no words can describe how this piece made me feel. its so emotional and real. its deep and personal i love it. you have amazing talent. never ever stop writing. Melanie :)
Lovebug07 said...
Jul. 24, 2010 at 11:43 am
This is absolutely amazing!!! The emotion is unbelievable, I found myself hanging on your every word. You've got a serious talent, your description was incredible. I would love to be as good a writer as you. Maybe you could look at my work, I would love to get your opinion.. Again GREAT JOB!!! :)
Lovebug07 replied...
Jan. 5, 2011 at 6:31 pm
lol just had to read it again... Its really GOOD!!!! :D
CrazyWriter said...
Jul. 22, 2010 at 6:14 pm
One Word. Wow.
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