July 9, 2010
By VannyPie SILVER, Phila, Pennsylvania
VannyPie SILVER, Phila, Pennsylvania
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"I like to be a free spirit, Some don't like that, but that's the way I am."- Princess Diana.

Chapter 1
Welcome to Blog-World
Write down what you think and feel,
Just remember, keep it real.

Name: Ch33r_Priinc3$$_16
Age: 15
Status: Taken
Your words: Hiiii, my name is Stacee. I am a freshman at Asher high school. I am captain of the 9th grade cheerleading squad. And I sit at the cool table at lunch. I have a bestest best friend named Clare. We’ve been best friends since 6th grade when she moved her from Australia. More about me. My favorite color is pink and oh yeah, i have a boyfriend named Eddie. We have been going out for too whole months! I know I know what a record. My life is amazing, I’m very popular. My sister Elizabeth is a senior year and she’s going to be prom queen.

Name: xoCLARExBEARox
Age: 15
Status: Single
Your words: hey there, I’m clare. Only my closest friends get to call me clare bear. So don’t even try it. I started high school about three months ago. I’m a cheerleader and a singer. I love music and doing shows. I auditioned for “Grease” last week. I totally nailed my audition. The cast list should be posted tomorrow. Either way I can’t be in the show. It’s not cool. And I am. Stacee would kill me if she even knew. She is very popularity-is-the-only-way-to-live. High school is a time to try new things. I am a performer. Ohhh, and I met a guy named john who im super into.(:

Name: JohnHead
Age: 17
Status: Single
Your Words: I’m a sophomore, I like football, I like girls, I like to party, I don’t “date”

Name: Football_Star36
Age: 18
Status: Taken
Your words: hi, my name is a eddie. I play football and I have a girlfriend named stacee. We’ve been going out for a bit. Shes cool. One day I will be an NFL player.

Name: Heather_Heartattack
Age: 15
Status: Single
Your words: Hiiiiiiii. My name is Heather. My best friend Alex made me get one of these blogworld thingys. They’re soooo much fun she says. Well get what computer world. This is boring. You don’t care about me and I don’t care about you. Okay, for Alex’s sake, let’s give this another try shall we? I like to sing. I sing for my band “Coffee For One” we’re pretty good if I do say so myself. I have a brother named Zack and he’s my hero. anyway…ummm..i’m sitting here eating pizza goldfish. My life has come to this. Oh goodnight. Oh and Matty did you do my history paper yet?

Name: Alex Annex
Age: 15
Status: Taken
Your words: Hello, my name is Alex and I’m a writer. One day I hope to be a famous writer and get out of this dead beat town and move to New York. Anyway, I write songs for my boyfriend Zack’s band, “Coffee For One” It’s so cool. Having my poems turned into songs. I have been writing a lot poetry and short stories since my father passed away to years ago. He was a writer. His last book should have been another best seller. But he died before he got a chance to finish. Well its almost midnight, I should be getting to bed, it’s a school night. I love high school.

Name: Coffee For One
Age: 16
Status: Taken
Your words: Hi, my name is Zack. I play guitar for my band.

Name: StageMatthew
Age: 15
Status: Taken
Your words: hi, my name is Matthew. Not Matt, not Matty. Matthew. Thanks. Anyway. I play drums. I live to play drums. I have this girlfriend. She’s nice and sweet. She moved away right before school started. Her name was Lara. We dated all summer and I miss her. My best friends are Heather, Zack, and Alex. They are all in our band. Well I have nothing more to say. Oh wait, heather your history paper will be in your locker before 5th period tomorrow.

Chapter 2…

The author's comments:
A book I'm trying to write.
There are going to be chapters like this and regular ones too.

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on Nov. 16 2010 at 5:45 pm

good start

add more to the story and itll get better:P

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