Her Life in Total

July 1, 2010
By sweet_candice SILVER, Georgetown, Other
sweet_candice SILVER, Georgetown, Other
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Behind every pretty girl there's a secret. No one is born pretty or stayed forever pretty.

“Stand up and slap me if you dare.” A girl demanded. She wasn’t sure what kind of trouble she’s in to. All the blondes looked up at her then rolled their eyes and went back to gossiping and making out with their boyfriends. The hunks snickered and went back to chatting about the summer games. The geeks stared at her, and then they hid behind the textbooks. And the rest just played with their iPods and cellphone. Everyone didn’t want to be part of the trouble she’s gonna be in. No one is gonna back her up. Her voice started to tremble. “Don’t…don’t just hide behind your bunch of ugly friends.”
“Whoa, watch what you’re saying, puke-face.” Andrea shot her a you’ll-die-after-school face.
“Don’t scare our little friend, Andrea.” I stood up and crossed my arms in front of my chest. “Listen to her trembling voice and shivering body. Oh, poor little girl.” I leaned over to whisper in her ear. “Was it just me, or did you just say ‘Don’t hide behind your bunch of ugly friends’?”
She didn’t speak nor move. Sure, she was scared. After all, I am much taller than her and I’ve got a big backup gang. I was the leader of all.
“You’re in room 718 right?” I whispered in a playful tone. I laughed at the way she stood, all stiff and terrified. She stood still as if time had paused. I placed my fingers on her shoulder and played as if her shoulder was a piano. “Don’t worry honey. We’ll see you later. A surprise party-got plenty of beer and snacks, sweetie.”
Andrea, Renee, Gemma, and Taylor smiled. “Plenty of beer and snacks.” Renee repeated and smiled widely. They all knew what that means-she’s dead.
“Excuse me. Coming through. Excuse ME!!!” someone from behind shouted as she goes through the large crowd in front of the auditorium. She bumped into Taylor and Andrea. “Sorry.”
“Whoa! Watch it freshman!” Andrea yelled at her. I gripped the girl’s hand and slowly turned her around. My heels made loud and clear clicking sound as I drove her closer to me.
“Hey you.” I grabbed her collar. “Sorry no cure, darling.” I sighed and stared into her pale green eyes that shone with confusion. I chuckled softly. “You bumped into my friends. And then you said sorry. Am I right?”
“Yea.” She nodded gently.
“When Hilary Meston asks you a question, you answer in full sentences.” Gemma reminded her.
“Yes? Yes you are right, Hilary.” She replied. I pulled her so close that her face was just about half an inch away from mine.
“Sorry no cure.” I repeated myself. She stared at me, puzzled. I pressed my heels on her bare toes. Her face showed a dramatic change from puzzled to being in deep pain. “Whoops. Sorry. F.Y.I. freshmen’s aren’t allowed to wear flip flops in campus, sugar. Wanna know the reason? Well, I bet you already knew.” I turned around to join the rest. “We’ve got a lot of students that join in the middle of the semester. And this year, they are all rude. They’ll only learn if we are mean.”
“Always respect the seniors or students that are here longer than you are. They get all the priorities first.” Taylor agreed. Renee smiled and spit her bubble gum on the floor.
“Hill, I wanna get a cig.” Andrea said, her eyes pleading.
“God, Andrea. School just started like 2 minutes ago. You just woke up and you’re requesting for a cigarette. Honey, we aren’t normal girls like those…” I pointed to those girls with their hair dyed blond, leaning against the lockers, kissing boys and laughing. “We aren’t those too…” then I pointed to girls who are just losers that are so quiet and don’t fit in anywhere. “You, me, Gemma, Taylor and Renee are the leaders of Hilltop High School. I am just being nice and warning you. If you don’t stop smoking, you are out of here. Think optimistically. Girls, let’s go for our class.”
“I’m still exhausted from the party at room 718 yesterday.” Renee yawned. “I wonder if she’s able to go for class today.”
“Who cares?” I replied and grabbed Taylor’s arm. “See you guys later. We have American History now.” I turned to look at Andrea. Her lips were pale; she was really desperate for a cig. “Andrea, only one alright? Taylor and I have History; I’ll ask Gemma and Renee to wait for you.”
She stood there, her body shivering as she shook her head. “I’ll quit. Don’t get me out of here. Please. I will quit.”
I crossed my arms and walked up to her. “Andrea, I love you. And you know that. Look at you. You’re not the beautiful Andrea I know anymore. God! Look at yourself. Renee, Gemma, take care of her. I have to go or I’ll be late for the 7th million time. I’m running out of reasons to say whenever I am late. See you.” I took a last look at Andrea. She looked miserable, her eyes staring in space, her face pale and her mouth so dry that there were pieces of skin coming off. She was shivering on a warm summer day. Why is she so worried about being kicked out anyways?
“Ms. Meston, no good mornings?” Miss. Lena said, her back facing me as she wrote on the white board. How did she know I came in? God damn it.
“Oh. Haha, good morning miss. Um, sorry I am late. I had to go the bathroom. My friend is pregnant so she had to throw up.” I smiled widely and quickly went to sit beside Taylor. God damn it. Late for the 7th million time.
“Did I say you can sit down? Come out. Don’t think you are pretty and popular so you can do whatever you want.” She demanded.
“Haha, oh Miss Lorna. Who said I am pretty and popular? At least not as pretty and hot like you.” I said, sitting on my seat, looking at my new manicures. Everyone laughed.
“Come out instantly! And I am not Miss Lorna. I am Miss Lena.” She turned around, pushed up her glasses and stared at me.
“Whoa. Chill Miss Lena…Lorna…whatever. I will come out right now. Just let me check my manicure. Damn it, it’s coming off.” I said as I slowly climb out of the chair to go up front. A girl laughed. I turned around to look at her and shot her a look.
“You are dead.” I mouthed.
“Here, take this! Go to the principal’s office. Now!” she ripped off a piece of green paper and passed it to me.
“Oh, thank you. I am SO honored to receive this beautiful green slip. So, bye-bye.” I sarcastically said and took the paper from her hand. My heels made loud angry sounds on the floor.

The author's comments:
this is just the beginning of the story. the rest i am still working on it

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