July 1, 2010
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The waves breathe upon the sandy shore, as I walk down the dock to the end. I lean against the wooden rail that goes along the perimeter of the whole dock. The morning ocean breeze greets me with a soft brush against my face, arms and toes. “Good morning” I whisper back, as it takes my breath away into the winds current. I’m all alone in this forsaken place, on this forsaken island. I had a family, a mom, a dad, a little brother. They all made it in the boat crash, while I abandoned left here to fend for myself. Not that I can’t take care of myself, I’m seventeen but I’ve always acted older than my age. I went to school, I had good friends and made great grades. I had a true love, that is now lost forever. He died the day my family and I left for the cruise; I missed the funeral, the final goodbye. His name was Blake, he was in the IB program, had a great future ahead of him. He was going to go to Harvard, and become a doctor. He was the love of my life; we had known each other since we were kids. We started to like each other around thirteen or fourteen. When he got the guts to ask me out on a date, we were fifteen, and that’s the night our life as teenagers started. On May 31, 2005, we started to fall in love. I know that what we had was real, and true. We were so deeply in love; we knew everything about each other. Every secret, every lie, yea we had our fights but we always got through them. The fights and arguments, and near to breaking up only made us stronger. He was only a year older than I but, we were as close as two people in love could be. We knew that we were meant for each other, so he proposed to me. On May 31, 2008, he proposed on my seventeenth birthday. I said yes, if only I had known. The fire was all over the news. It was the biggest news that had happened in our little town of Chapel Hill in North Carolina, since at least a decade ago. There was another fire that had happened then to, a really big one. Just like the one that Blake got in. The newspapers, the news channels all said that it was caused by a wildfire and spread to the old abandoned church that Blake was in. I wish I would have known why he was in there; I would give anything to know. Something inside me tells me he was in there for me, for some reason he went there for me. And it was on the news the next morning I woke up. “Young Man Burned Alive in Old Baptist Church, Family and Friends Devastated” All they did was a moment of silence on the entire boat. I was the one who was silent the entire day. I was too shocked to even believe it or realize it. Then the next couple of days it hit me so hard, I fainted. A big hole ripped out of my chest, completely destroyed. I locked myself up in the cabin, I never came out. I never ate, I only cried and slept. It was very rare that I would shower, but even then I was too devastated to really care. All I wanted was him, alive. I wiped a tear from my face and took in a shaky breath. At least I was out here all by myself, where no one could see me the way I was.

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SecretSasha said...
Feb. 2, 2011 at 12:01 pm
This is good, butmaybe you could seperate it into a couple paragraphs, and make the beginning a little clearer? I still liked it! :)
Summersong said...
Jul. 19, 2010 at 10:19 am
Hey guys! Please leave me a comment! Thanks! :D
happi45 replied...
Feb. 1, 2011 at 8:59 am
It was good, but i didn't get the whole left on the island part, cruise ships never crash, very rarely if they ever do. 
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