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July 7, 2010
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Oskar Shindler once wrote
'power is when you have every justification to kill someone, and then you dont'

This statement goes against everything i stand for, this statement means weakness and failure in my eyes, this statement is wrong.

It's simple.

Power is something you reach for, inherit, or work that much harder to gain. It's the top prize in life, it's what makes human beings keep living, to keep them putting up with so much crap in life to achieve.

I've learnt this from tales, I've learnt this from my own observation, I learnt it what makes others chase us, follow us, hurt us and want to destroy us.

All for power.

So in my thoughts, feelings and actions.....power must be the everything, the best achievement in life that says you have won, you are the best, you are superior.

This brings us the West family which consists of 6 siblings with individual powers but together there are one of the strongest, most powerful families around.....this is us.

We have lots of power, we seem to be unbeatable, undamageable, untouchable.

Yet i feel there is something missing, something more, something that i do no want......but is unavoidable.

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