Trust In Me Ch.1

July 5, 2010
By Alibee SILVER, Berkeley, California
Alibee SILVER, Berkeley, California
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"Nothing is impossible with the grace of God."

I guess dreaming is useless. Especially if you're a girl like me. Nothing that comes out of my mouth really matters to anyone except me, and Ricky. He's my best friend by the way.

I grabbed my backpck and looked anxiously at the clock. Come on! Come on! Three seconds!Brrrring! As I was about to leave, Ms.Searle stopped me. "I wanna talk to you about you're essay."She said. Oh great."What?What's wrong with it?"I asked. "Well,"She sighed"It'snothing's wrong with it, but I feel you could do better. Exactly how much time did you spend on this?"She asked. You mean how much precious time I waisted?"About and hour."I said. She sighed. "Honey, if you could do something as good as this essay in an hour, imagine how good it would be if you spent just a smidge more." She said. Here we go again. We always have this talk about my essays and reports. "When I read something about the average couple, and love. I want to read about more...realistic experiences. Something"She said. Well what do you want me to write about lady?My experiences?Yeah right. As if anyone really wants the freak of the school. "You know what Ms.Searle? You're so right. And on Monday moring, you will have a better, more...realistic paper on your desk."I said. She smiled. "Thank you. So monday?"She asked. "You have my word."I said. She shooed me away and I walked out the classroom. "Hopefully I can keep it."I said to myself. "Trouble in paradise?" Ricky asked. I sighed. "Sadly. She said she wanted something more real. More me. How can I write about something I don't even know anything about. I mean it's not like guys come rushing to my side everytime I flip my hair or chew my gum."I said, throwing my arms up in rather exagerated motion. He smiled. "Maby you should be the one going after someone...If you really think that's the situation." Ricky said. "Think? I know noone likes me."I said. He looked down. "You don't know that..."He said. "Oh really. Name one person who likes me."I said, crossing my arms. "I like you..."He said. "But you're my best friend Ricky. You're supposed to like me."I said. He sighed. "Well then i don't know Ali. You can figure out your own problems."He said taking in a loud breath."I'll see you after school."He said. I watched him leave and I walked to mynext class.

The next hour and a half wasn't really all that exciting. So, i'm not gunna waist my time describing how amazingly boring it is. So the bell rang yet again and I walked out to Ricky's car. "Kay, see you later Nahlah." He said as he waved to a purky little blonde, with quite a short skirt. "Oooh, someone's got a girlfriend." I teased. He laughed. "Nahlah?As if...I'm more into..."He looked at me weirdly. Like he was thinking about me...or something,"Down to earth, drummer girls."He said. It's true. His first kiss was a girl who was totally mellow, and was quite an awesome drummer...okay so it was me. 'Interesting."I said. I got in the car and he turned on the engine. "Let's go to the park. I don't feel like going home and explaining why my mom found a condom wrapper in my room."I said. He laughed. "You know, you can't keep covering for Sarah forever."He said. I smiled. "I know, but hey. She's my little sister."I said. He laughed and started driving and we parked at...the park. 'So, what do you want to talk about?"I asked. He shrugged. "let's talk about you."He said. I blushed. "I'm really not all that interesting."I said. He smiled. "I know, I'm your best friend remember?It was actually your boringness that attracted me. You know, I should go fnd another friend, one who's really uptight. A singer maby. One who stumbles over her own feet. Or, can tell her gouchie from her...prada?'He asked. I laughed. "Boys are so stupid."I said. "Then teach me the ways of your people." He said. "Come on let's talk"I said. He smiled. "Okay...uhm...okay who do you like?"He asked. "Okay I was thinking that...Roger got way cuter over the summer so..."I said. Ricky's face changed. Just like that. His smiled dropped. He looked out the window. "What?" I asked. "Nothing. Anyways so roger?really?"He asked. I shrugged. "Okay you're turn." I said. "I don't like anyone."He said, not wanting to look my in the eye. "Why are you acting so weird?"I asked. "Why don't you ask Roger?" He snapped. I looked dlown. "Fine, if you're gunna act that way because I was honest, then...I guess I'll just go home."I said, openeing the car door slowly. I so desperatly wanted for him to stope me. To say he was sorry. To try to make me forgive him. But he didnt. He just sat there, waiting for me to shut the door. I slammed it, and started walking. He backed the car up, trying to get out of the parking space. He started driving, but he didn't really speed up like I expected him to. He just drove, my pace. Like he was waiting for me to just jump back in the car. "Come on Ali. Get in the car."He said. I rolled my eyes. "No. Not if you act like this cocky little jerk."I said. "I'm sorry Ali. Just come on."He said. I sighed and got i the car. That took a while right?Psych. But that's just what Ricky does?He puts on this face...almost irresistable to the average best firned. But what can you do?

The author's comments:
Let's see...what inspired me to write this...the memory of my very good friend that really isn't the same anymore.

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on Jul. 19 2010 at 12:07 pm
Autumn5100 PLATINUM, Islamabad, Other
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All good things must come to an end.

I liked it except for the fact that it was hardto read the conversations. Maybe next time you could separate the conversations into paragraphs? Otherwise the story was good all things considered.

on Jul. 18 2010 at 3:22 am
LostInStereo PLATINUM, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
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Friends are the family you choose.

okay i loved that chapter! i want to read chapter 2!! please keep writing i loved it!

on Jul. 15 2010 at 4:39 pm
DannyKid33 PLATINUM, Pleasant Hill, California
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"Don't ever let the media tell you what to look like. You're beautiful the way you are. Stay beautiful, keep it ugly." - Gerard Way.

hey this was a really awesome story!! plz right chapter two soon! this might sound slightly creeperish (haha) but i was lookin at ur profile thingy and you sound exactly like me like no joke haha jst thought i should mention that haha keep writin :)

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