Glass Heart(sample)

June 27, 2010
By Anonymous

I just kept running. With the sand under my feet and the open sky above me I kept moving forward. But I would never actually move on. How could I believe that I could make it through all this. I will never forget, never forgive. All it took was one small reminder and I was already beginning to fall apart.

The worried yells were now faded behind me and I found myself on a different part of the beach that I have never been at before. I searched around looking for a spot to rest at. Then I saw it. Just beyond a path, there was a patch of rocks, where I would have the perfect view of the moon. I knew I would finally be able to think there.

I always find comfort in the moon. To me, its the only thing I can always count on. What it helped me the most with is remembering the past I had without thinking of only the memories that bring tears. Once when I younger and afraid of something, my mom would always be able to cheer me up. All she did was remind me that I was never alone. “ Remember that the moon will always be there,even when you can no longer see it. You just need to feel its presence with you. Sitting in the sky, it will always be watching you and guiding you through its light.” Those were the words that always brought a smile to my face. She was right and now every time I see the moon , it reminded me of her.

The small patch of rocks was sitting lightly over the waters. I could easily dangle my feet in the ocean and stare at the gleaming moon from there. The path that led there was the only thing separating me from the view. The path was like a rickety bridge that hung over a deathly fall. I would have to carefully walk along the path of slippery stones without falling into the ocean. I would mind going for a swim, but doing so would only delay me from that view that I could not stop thinking of.

I shifted my shoes into my right hand with my purse and began moving forward towards the patch. Luckily the first rock was not slippery and I was able to keep going. Choosing my steps thoroughly I found myself nearly there. I took a quick glance up and noticed a figure perched on the rocks. I didn't see someone there before. My anxious smile changed into a frown. I was too late, someone beat me to it.

But who else would be outside in the middle of the night. With it being quite late and not to mention dark I couldn't recognize who was there. All I could tell that it was a guy. He was sitting there holding something. After being puzzled by the object, I caught the sound of slight music and noticed him strumming what was a guitar.

The music was soft but as it went on, the sound seemed to gradually get louder as he found the right beat and lyrics. Listening, I couldn't help but to be completely drawn in. in his voice I heard this deep passion that I have never heard before. His lyrics captured me. He sang the feelings that I felt this entire night and conjured them up perfectly.

I found myself lost in thought. Who was this and what could have happened to him to have my same exact feelings. Without considering the fact of where I was began to lean forward in order to hear the song again. Though I hear no music. What did happen, happened all too fast. I immediately lost my balance and slipped. Then out of now where some one grabbed my hand. I turned around to see the guy that had the guitar and was singing. Holding my my hand, he balancing me enough for me to be able to step onto the patch of rocks and stand beside him.

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