how it happined

June 28, 2010
By lovingher BRONZE, Meeker, Oklahoma
lovingher BRONZE, Meeker, Oklahoma
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skye was sitting at a table and across hrom him was his love destiny they have been together for a long time. the were haveing a wounderful romantic dinner. skye looked over to destiny and said'baby you know i would do anything for you right' and she said 'yes hun i do'. so he grabed destinys hand and asked her to come with him. she happly gose with they walk down the street. destiny wounders were they are going. so she ask in her sweet voice (that makes skye shiver just hearing it) 'where are we going' skye sais softly 'you will see my love' they walk to a building that looked ran down. with a kinda worried look on her face she ask 'what are we doing here' skye just stands there with a smile looking into her beautiful eyes. he starts to open the door and destiny ask 'are we supose to be here' and skye replayed 'its fine baby' they walk in together and turn on the lights as they do. there was a bunch of people in there and they all were there for thim skye and destiny made ther way to the stage were the band was . they got up there and skye walk to the mike and got down on one knee and said 'baby you mean the world to me and i did this all for you will you marrie me'every one was quit waiting for her anwser. with tears running down her face she sais yes and they walk to the middle of the floor the band starts to play there song and they dance the rest of the night away

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