Why me?

June 28, 2010
By ty3547 SILVER, Hilton, New York
ty3547 SILVER, Hilton, New York
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"my mind is is like a dungeon. filled with things from the past. yet what you find would terrify you." Tyler Crawford (me)

I stare in secret amazed at her beauty. I wonder how she doesnt notice me. She is in fact the most perfect person. In contrast i'm an egomanical narsistic and I think the world revolves around me. Confuseing how we could ever by some slight chance ever be together. Often Iask myself the question why. Why am I so afraid to show my feelings. Why do I hude who I really am. I was all of the selfcentered qualitys I listed above untill I met her My personality changed compleatly. Scared to talk I mask my feelings. Why am I so afraid. I'm not afraid of rejection no i've been through it before it doesn't effect me. When it come to rejection my heart is an empty glass. I think i'm afraid because I don't know how. How to feel emotions. I've hidden my feelings in writing so long i wouldn't know how to express them without a paper and pen. Her eyes are full of life. Yet mine are pale and dull. i wouldn't know how to ask. She cast a spell on me and I cant break free.

Why me?

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on Apr. 26 2011 at 11:41 am
At first i didn't understand why me? i mean, what do u mean by why you? u must be an awesome person for someone to pick u( im very smart sue me!) so yeah

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