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June 28, 2010
By kisskiss BRONZE, Wexford, Other
kisskiss BRONZE, Wexford, Other
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wish upon a star because someday ur wish will come true

The rain poured down on the lonely black night as i stood alone on the edge of an abandoned bridge. Rain thumping heavly on me as i stood in my husbends nyc hoodie and a pair of old towrn jeans, my feet were bare and began to shrivel as i watched the river flow vishiously below me. A tear rolled down my cheek and off my face splashing on the wet surface below. I looked overhead at the black sky which was being liten by two glittering stars, i whispered im comeing, and leaped off the bridge into the air, my arms spread wide as if i was flying.
Free falling, all of a sudden images of my life flashed before me. starting with the bright summers evening in june as i walked in the countryside when a red honda 50 pulled up beside me, the window rolled down slowly as i began to get a clearer image of the person behind the steering wheel. these pair of crystal blue eyes turned to look at me, a smile creeped on my face as i studied the young mans features, his jet black hair gelled neatly, a little smile showed his perly white teeth and he wore a navy nyc hoodie. he opened his mouth slowly as he spoke gently ' Sorry love, but i dont suppose you know where the nearest garage is?' I blearted out some stupid answer as i was destracted by his handsome face. He laughed sweetly makeing his eyes crunch up which made him more erasistable. These smiles grew and conversations came more often until we were happly engaged.

I flung the lighter on the ground and sat down opposite my kevin his eyes glittering in the candlelight. he looked from his plate to me before speaking softly ' So whats this thing that you need to tell me?' before returning his gaze to his plate. I sat in scilence unsure of how to break the news, tears began to fill my eyes as kevin again returned his gaze to me. He leaped off his chair and fell on his knees beside me grabbing my hands and hloding them in his before lifting my chin so that i was lookin him in the eyes. I hesitated before i blearted out sobbing 'Kevin, im im prg preg pregnant.' the tears began to floe down my cheeks. his grip on my hand loosened as his stared straight through me. the scilence became unbareable. 'im sorry' i sobbed,'please dont leave me, dont hate me kevin, please i love you' i cryed. at that moment kevin snapped out of his daze and tightened his grip on my hand looking me straight in the eyes and said 'Aoife, babe dont be stupid i know we didnt plan this but i always thought that someday we would have chrildren, not this soon but ill never leave you ill be here forever no matter what.' he kneeled up and kissed me on the fore head before speaking 'your going to me a mum.' he began to laugh 'im going to be a daddy'. he pulled me off the chair and held me in his warm arms. i always felt safe here, and thats when i knew everyhing was going to be fine.

The sun was setting in the sky as i sat peacefully in the kitchen rubbing my pregnant belly. i could hear the soccar comeing from the room next to me where kevin sat. all of a sudden i got a stabbing pain, i knew then the baby was comeing. i yelled out 'Kevin!! the babys comeing!' he replied shouting back ' can you not wait the soccars nearly over' i creamed back at him. i heard i sigh and he appeared in the kitchen door with a cheeky smile on his face. my pains got worse, and happened more often until our baby boy was born. i layed on the hospital bed, my hair a mess as this little person lyed in my arms. kevin sat on the corner of the bed his arm wraped around me, his gaze fixed on our little baby boy as he slept in my arms. Kevin dragged his eyes away fom the baby to look at me saying jokingly 'i wonder who won the soccar?' i giggled before we both returned our gaze on our litte boy in total amazment.

The sun was hot and heavy in the sky as i drove home from our day out at the beach. kevin sat restless in the passenger seat while our baby sat awake in the babyseat behind me. kevin looked over at me smiling, i turned to look at him as he spoke 'i love you' i smiled back and returned my daze to the road ahead. the baby begain to cry so kevin rooted around in the glove box to find his dodie when all of a sudden a car pulled out infrunt of ours i swerved bearly missing the car but crashing into the stone wall on the opposite side of the road. I was greated by scilence as i sat with my two hands glued to the stearing wheel. my son had stopped crying and kevin didnt speak, everything was a daze. i reached behind to see if my baby was okey, he didnt move, i turned my head to see him on the far side of the car after being thrown out of his baby seat, his eyes were closed as if he were asleep no cuts or bruses on his face he just lay there lifeless i let out a loud high pitched cry as i turned to kevin to help. a tear rolled down my face as i spotted kevin lying on the bonnet his head faceing me, his piercing blue eyes stareing back at me as he lay helplessly on the hot bonnet, blood pouring out of his right ear as he lay amoungst all the smoke. his arm was streached out, his hand half opened, with the babys dodie fixed inside. i screamed out an angry tearless sigh before buiring my head in my hand, ang again being greated with scilence.


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excuse my spellings im not very good. i hope ye like it, its my first

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