Red Lust

June 24, 2010
By iheartyouhhhx3 BRONZE, Tewksbury, Massachusetts
iheartyouhhhx3 BRONZE, Tewksbury, Massachusetts
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I only caught glimpses of this boy every now and then; I was even suprised he would even look back at me. I was the freak of the school. I kept to myself and I that was fine for me, I really don't want to have any interaction this race. All I had to do was show up to school and act like I havent done this 6 times already. It was a typical rainy tuesday morning in the shallow streets of London when I realized someone was watching me. I turned around to see John Atwood eyeing me. John Atwood, what was there to say; other than he was the star football [soccer] player at St. Jospehs Acedamy. Every girl wanted him, even though I didn't know why. He wasnt even that good looking; your normal brown hair with brown eyes; and the ocasional muscles to add in. I personally thought he was a disgrace to be part of the world, he was spoiled and needy; what was he going to do to help the world from falling apart? I turned around ignoring the last few seconds before heading into the school.
My day went normal, people ignored me and I ignored them. I was hoping for a nice and peaceful lunch, but I stopped dead in my tracks, John was sitting at MY table. I rolled my eyes before walking over. “I think you have the wrong table!” “Selfish much? I don’t think I am doing anything wrong.” “Just get out of here Ryan, I obviously don’t want you here, so save me the trouble and just go sit with your posse.” “I don’t want to.” I sighed in anger before grabbing a chair across from him and sitting down. “God you’re so annoying.” Ryan smirked leaning on the table with his arms. “Tell me something about you Rosie.” "Why do you care all the sudden? It's not like you cared the last 2 years." "I dont know I guess you appeal to me." He said in his thick england accent. I rolled my eyes before getting up throwing out my bottle of blood. I threw my bag over my shoulder and walked to class.
For the rest of the day I couldnt understand why John was being so nice all of the sudden. He used to torture me freshman year, and trust me I was close to drawing my fangs out, but I guess being around humans for 200 years I've learnt my lesson.

Once the bell rang everyone walked out to their cars, but I just headed home; the opposite direction of everyone else. I walked home listening to the distant sounds with my amazing hearing. And thats how I could hear John's car a mile away. I groaned as he pulled up beside me with his volvo. "What do you want John?" "I was wondering if you wanted a ride home." "What do you think the answer is?" "A yes?" "Horrible guess." I shoved my hands into my black zip up as the rain started to drop. "Come on, it looks like there is going to be a nasty storm." "Why would I ever go in the car with you?" "Because I'm a sweet, sensitive and loyal guy." "Ha yea right! Where'd you get that bull?" "Girls around the school." "Ahh." The rain started to get heavier with thunder in the backround. "Just get in the car." "Fine, but only because it's raining." I stepped into the back seat. "Where are we going?" "Keep going straight."
The next day I walked into the school to see John standing at my locker. I shook my head in disguist before walking over. "What are you stalking me now?" "I call it, giving you attention." I opened the locker to get my first class materials. "Let me walk you to class."
"No I dont think so." "Fine. See you at lunch!" With that he walked away. "No you wont!" I yelled back at him as he waved me off. I rolled my eyes before slamming my locker to go to AP english.
At lunch, like I expected I saw John sitting there. I didnt even bother to fight, I just sat down opening the bottle of "water". "Why dont you ever eat?" "I do, just not at school." "Why's that?" asked John. "Cause I dont want to." "But why?" "What is this.. 20 questions?" "Maybe." I bit my bottom lip smiling. "Is that a smile?" "No!" "Yea it was." Before I could stop him John shot up out of his seat screaming to the whole cafeteria. "Rosie Aaron's smiles!" He sat down smiling at me. "You're such a jerk. Make me more of a laughing stock." "Hey we'll be the laughing stocks of the school together." I half laughed before drinking my water to watch John eat his chips. [french fries]
The next month or so me and John had become good friends. We hung out everyday; I would go to his football games and he would watch me play tennis. I soon began to realize I was falling in love with him. I was actually falling in love for the first time in my life. One day in December the coldest month of London we were walking to our favorite hang out when John asked me a question. "Rosie, how come you always carry around that water bottle and never eat infront of me? Are you afraid to eat infront of me... or are you anerexioc?" "I'm not aneroxioc and I am not afraid to eat infront of you. I guess I just dont get hungry alot." "Rosie dont lie to me." I sighed before biting my bottom lip. "Come on." I grabbed his hand before taking him to the lake, we always came here to be alone. I sat down with him by my side. "You cant be afraid." "Why what is it?" "John, I'm a vampire." John widened his eyes in utter shock. John shook his head. "I cant believe you Rosie, I thought we had something. But never mind." John walked out of my life that day and I had never seen him again. I ran home to see my "father" with the bags packed. I guess he already knew, and that was when we moved to the USA. Why did I keep doing this to myself? I never learned.

The author's comments:
I guess this story didn't really have any inspiration;; i guess it just hit me!

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