Love is very confusing

June 19, 2010
Josh walks by with his new girlfriend. I hate that girl though. I can;t believe he just left me for that ugly and unpopular nerdy girl. Plus he saw me with my new boyfriend Charlie. He's the captain of the football baseball and basketball teams. Plus Josh and Charlie hate eachother. I hate Josh's girlfriend Sally. What a nerdy name(just like her). She gets all A's and I'm bearly passing. Josh told me the night taht he broke up with me he said"Mandy were over. You sleep with every guy you meet. Plus I met someone else sorry," then he just leaves. Now to the present. He was so nice until he found her(Sally). She is so nerdy and ugly. I'll make her life horrible for rest of her life(Ha ha ha ha). She annoys me so much. I so hate her! But I have a better bf(Charlie). At school. Charlie walks up to me and kisses me softly and turns it into a make-out session. Josh and Sally walk up to their locker which are next to our(unfornately). Josh says" yo Charlie! Yo Mandy!" I look up and see them and say "what do ou wnat I was kind of busy!" He smirks and says" Yeah I could see that," looks at Charlie and glares. Charlie says" What do you want." Josh glares at him and says " You to leave me alone." He looks at Josh and says " No!" Josh gets alittle annoyed wiht Charlie and pushes him hard into the lockers. "Get a life Connors," he says annoyed. Mandy and Sally walk away. " Hey Sally! Can we be friends," Isay nicely. She smiles and says " Of course Mandy." She looks at Charlie and says " you really loved Josh Huh.Your now really inlove with Charlie." Find what happens

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necnec said...
Jun. 28, 2010 at 8:50 pm

"Find what happens?" I dont get the ending

Also did you just type up whatever is happening in your life because it sounded like you were saying this to a friend not writing a story

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