Love pt.2

June 19, 2010
By hopesdreamspizza GOLD, Emmaus, Pennsylvania
hopesdreamspizza GOLD, Emmaus, Pennsylvania
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I see Charlie(the new kid and the hottie). He keeps walking because all of my friends are standing around me. We all walk up to him and I say" hey Charlie." He turns around and says " what doyou want?" I look at him wierdly and say" You of course," he rolls his eyes and says " Don't you have a boyfriend," pointing to Jake the guy who is in love and that I didn't wnna date because he wasn't my type. I look at Charlie and just laugh and say " yeah right. L ike idate him he's not my type at all. He told him thst a couple dys ago he's a stalker that's why I have a fake boyfriend." I look at Nick my bfff.Who is also my brothers bestfriend. He would flip out if he found out. Jayden( my twin brother) walks up to us. Looks at Charlie and says" Who are you? Plus what do you want." Charlie leaves and says" Bye Guys and Carter." He winks as he leaves. "Caarter who was that guy?" I look at him and say" Charlie the hottie." He looks at me and says " I thought you liked Nick because he's so sweet,hot and awesome."

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