no second chances

June 16, 2010

“You expect me to take you back after all the hurt, and pain you cause me? After all the crying I did, and me begging constantly for you to think about giving me another chance? You want to do this now?” I asked him.
“Yes,” It was a just a whisper, but I could hear him.
“Why now? Why couldn’t you have done this sooner! You told me to move on, forget about everything we ever were. And I’ve have been doing just that! I found someone else…..wait- is that why you want me back? Just for that reason, I’ve moved on and it’s killing you!”
“No, listen I told you I made a mistake, and I told you when I broke up with you, I hope I’m doing the right thing here and not making a mistake. And I did make a mistake! You made me know what love truly was. And I love you! You’re the only girl I want, and yes it is killing me knowing that your lips have touched someone else’s. How can you just throw away 11 months?”
“That’s bull s***! I’ve felt love before, but you made me know what love truly was, and I told you that, everyday. But no our relationship meant nothing to you, you didn’t care. You claim you love me now. But honestly I will never love, or trust you the way I did. The pain you cased me, I’ve never felt that before. It wasn’t right, you f***ed me up! You ruined my life!! And now I’m putting my life back together, without you.”
Just those words alone, made him step back, he fell to his knees and started crying, more and more each second, I knew it was hard on him, but know he knew how I felt. It’s his turn for the hurt and pain. I know I’m doing the right thing, well I hope. He stands up,
“I love you, you’re the best thing in my life, but this is all on you, your throwing away our future, everything we’ve ever had. But if that’s what you want then well, it’s your choice. But I’m not giving up without a fight. Your mine and always will be mine, no matter what. Do you still even love me?”
“Of course, but love isn’t enough anymore. You betrayed me, and ripped my heart out. As of know I have no heart. You took that away. You made my world go black, but then this other guy came in the picture and gave me the slightest of hope that everything would be okay. Ever since then I’ve felt nothing but happiness. I’m sorry, but I can’t.
He just stands there and stares at me, dumb founded. He walks over to me, grabs my face. Looks me dead in the eyes “I love you” then he kisses me. That will be my last kiss with him, and the ending to that chapter of my life

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on Jun. 24 2010 at 8:11 pm
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This is nice, and I like the last sentence.  Good plotline. Great job!  Keep writing!

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