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obsessed...chapter 3

June 13, 2010
By charjonas SILVER, Williamstown, New Jersey
charjonas SILVER, Williamstown, New Jersey
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Kristy and I were the most talked about girls in the school. We got invited to all of the senior parties, even a college party. It was the happiest days of my life. But, I was missing someone. I missed Kyle. We didn’t talk to each other in homeroom or in class anymore, he even changed math partners. I didn’t know what I had done to him. But, I was determined to find out.
I walked up to him in the hallway after second period had ended. He was in a group with his friends outside in the senior lounge. It didn’t matter that Kyle was a sophomore because he was that cool. Sure, it seemed like I worshiped the ground Kyle walked on, but I did. He was like this God to me. And that was my biggest mistake. His back was turned to me when I tapped him on his shoulder.
“What’s up with you?” I demanded, putting my hands on my hips with serious attitude. His friends started to laugh. But, I was too upset to even care what or who they were laughing at.
“Can we talk later?” He shifted his weight from one foot to the other. It was totally unlike Kyle.
“No, Kyle, we can’t”
He sighed, “Fine. Let’s talk a walk or something.” We walked through the hallways, silently. “What’s up, Bre?”
“Why are you not talking to me?”
“I’m confused.”
“About what, Kyle? Me? Our friendship?” I was practically yelling. But, I just couldn’t understand.
“I’m confused about everything.” He walked to a row of lockers, finally looking in my direction. “Ever since you came, I liked you.” He whispered.
“You ignore me for a month because you like me?”
He shook his head, “It’s not just that, Bre. Other things have been happening too. I just needed time to think. Look,” he said, “let me make it up to you.”
“I don’t think you can fix this.”
“Sure, I can. Let’s hang out tonight at my house.”

Kyle’s house was not as big as Kristy’s, but it still looked pleasant from the outside. The inside was very clean, a little too clean. The living room was Victorian-styled; it had a fireplace with Kyle’s school pictures and a baby picture on the mantle. The kitchen was white, angelic white. It looked as if nobody cooked or ate in it at all. Kyle said that his parents couldn’t afford a maid, so his mom worked her hardest to keep the house as clean as she could. We went upstairs; Kyle’s room was the first door on the right. His room was the opposite of the rest of the house. It was cluttered, clothes everywhere, magazines stacked on the floor, and he hadn’t even made his bed.
“You can sit down, Bre. Nothing is going to jump up at you, I promise.”
I started to make his bed for him, before I could even think to sit on it. I looked around some more. His walls were white, just like my bedroom walls. It was quiet; I turned around to look at Kyle. He was sitting in an arm-chair, staring at the floor. His hands sat in his lap and his body language was unreadable.
“Now, what’s wrong, Kyle?”
“I’m thinking of what to say to you.” He lay back in the chair and closed his eyes for a second. Then, they snapped opened, he got up and walked over to me. The kiss was unexpected, but I enjoyed it. It was the type of kiss; you’d have to experience to explain correctly. Kyle’s kiss made me forget, forget about everything and anything that had been running through my head. Finally, he pulled away from me and sat next to me. He sighed. “I’ve never felt this way before, especially about a girl that I just met.”
I looked down at my hands, which were sweaty. “Truthfully, Kyle, neither have I.” And it was true. I’ve had crushes before that I thought I’d like forever, but they’re called crushes for a reason. But, with Kyle, I felt completely different. He made me feel whole, like I was someone. Although, we only knew each other for a couple of days, I felt like I knew him forever, and I think he felt the same way.
“I really just want to be with you, Bre. Will you be my girlfriend?”
I thought back to Kristy and how she was still in love with Kyle. I knew she’d be mad if Kyle and I were to start dating, but how many times in my life was I going to feel about a guy the first minute I’d meet him?
“As much as I want to be with you too, we can’t.” His eyebrows pulled together and he frowned. I put my hand on his cheek, reassuring him. “We…I…couldn’t do that to Kristy. Believe it or not, we are best friends and I just wouldn’t hurt her like that.”
Kyle’s frown turned into a devious smile. “Who said she’d have to know. Who said anyone would know?” He thought about what he’d said. “I mean, I would love to boast to all of my friends about you. But, I don’t want to tell people and having Kristy find out about it.” He took my hand. “Please, Bre. Just think about it, please.”
“I’m not giving you an answer, now, if that’s what you’re hoping for. I really need to think.” I told him. He looked down at the floor, but still held onto my hand.
“I understand completely. I would do the same thing.”

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