My on-off bf

June 12, 2010
I'm Sam. I have 11 brothes and sisters. In my family there's14 people. But my parents are divorced. She took 6 kids. I'm only girl. I'm a twin to my brothre Sam. We are all fine without my mother. Wait no were better than fine we're great. All my mother did was yell at us. Like "Go pick that up." I hate her yelling. She usual threw a plate at my father when she came home from the bar drunk. She abused the boys and me. She was so annoying. Iwake up. It's about noon. I hear the dorbell and get. I open the door and see my mother and her family."Hi sammie," she says. I stuttered and say"Uh hi," as my dad and brothers come from behind in their PJ's.My mother says" u guys just all got all got out of bed?" He says"yea because we went to bed at 2:00 in the morning. We were at Liv's and Chris's for the wild party that youlosers weren't invited to." They come in." What happened tothe house?" He says" I changed of course and put pictures my daughter and my sons. Also my daughter and her many boyfriends. Same with my sons and their many girlfriends." She says " how many boyfriends have you met?" He thinks and says" about 16." She looks shocked. The door comes flying open as Charlie comes in."hey Char," he sees Mr.Connors. He nods and says"Hi Joe," and smiles at me and my mom looks at Charlie and says"Who are you young man?" My sister says"Charlie the bad boy and troublemaker of the school" My mom shakes her head as char kisses and hug me tightly. He says"I love you!" I say "I love you too." We go upstairs. I hear the kids all go outside. I hear my mom yell " your letting our daughter date that little thug." My dad yells back"He's a good kid and she's my kid not ours! She's M-I-N-E! Not yours or ours! she's my respondsibities. So leave it okay!" My dad is the best father ever. My parents hear yelling. Charlie runs out the door and gets in his car. The next day i'm with Nick Jackson. The badest boy of the school. My mom sees us. She stops and says " another bad boy Sam? What happened to your Char char?" "Yes and we broke 2 days ago when he ran out of ou house,"Isay. Coulpe months lter I see char and fall in love with him. He looks over at Sam and I. His girlfriend Sarah says" who are they?" He says" Samatha and samuel! they're twins there nicknames are Sammie and Sam. They have the same name." She smirks and says "That's stupid to your twins the same." He looks at her and says" No it's not," he looks at her annoyed. He looks at her sadly. " BAby what's wrong?" He says "US being together. I breaking up with you for good this time." I text Charlie saying hey what between you and Sarah. He texts back why do you care anyway. You have Nick. I texted back No I don't I broke up wiht him for you.What do you mean Sexy gal? I <3 you Char. Please take me back? I <3 you too Sammie! 5 minutes. my mom and dad are agueing over my living qualities as charlie comes rushing in.My mom says" who was that?" My dad says "probally Charlie! There back togehter fo awhile." he walks in and sees us making-out and leaves. My sister walk in. They say "ewwwwwwwwww." My mom comes and is shoked at what she sees and yells "Joe get in here now." walks in and pulls them in. Charlie and i finally stop and say to eachother I love forever and always. Years Later we get married to eachother.

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