The Best Day Ever!!!!!

June 12, 2010
It was a great day! Not great like it’s nice out. Actually the weather was terrible. Today was the try-outs for the talent show. Correction! The best talent show in the history of talent shows! A record company was coming to judge the show and is giving the winner (If they are good enough) a recording contract. She wanted to win SO BAD!!!!! Who was she exactly? “She” was Kristen Haberstich, a girl who loved to sing. She had long, wavy black hair and shining blue eyes. She’s five foot five and pretty slim. She goes to North Marion Middle School. She couldn’t wait ‘til four today. That was the time that the talent show auditions were. This year she might actually not get in because of the recording contract. They could only take fifty of the best people! She was sure to get in the top ten. She always did great. There was only one thing she didn’t know. This was only the beginning!
Kristen arrived at North Marion Intermediate School at 4:01pm. Her mom was coming to pick her up at 6:00pm. It was 4:03pm when she got in-line and she had one person before her then it was her turn. The problem was Michaela was next and she was the meanest girl in school. She was a stuck-up, snotty, little brat! She had long, straight brown hair with blond high lights, and blue eyes of evil. Kristen hated having eyes the same color as Michaela but she lived with it and never complained! She was the most popular girl in the school. Kristen was the second most popular girl in school. The problem for Michaela was that Kristen was nicer, a better singer, and was about to take the lead as…
“Queen of the School?!?!?” Michaela screamed. “She can never become ‘Queen of the School’, she’s a loser!!”
“I’m a loser?” she said as she walked toward Michaela. “I’m not a loser; I’m way nicer so people like me more. I can’t help it if they like me more.”
“Yes you can!” Michaela said. “All you do is be mean so they come crawling to me.”
“Like that’ll ever happen,” Kristen laughed “and I can’t control their feelings!”
“Just leave,” She yelled, “no one wants you here!” Kristen knew that wasn’t true. She also knew no one wanted Michaela around but Kristen didn’t want to be to mean and make Michaela even madder (If that was even possible)!
Michaela was called and made her way to the stage and up the stairs! She sang Stan by Eminem which is no surprise to Kristen because Michaela is always mean!!!!! She was good but not as good as Kristen. Kristen sang “Next to You”, by Jordan Sparks. Of coarse Kristen was ten times better than Michaela and got a standing ovation at the audition. Michaela got a few claps and a single complement from the director while Kristen got many.
It was one month later and a day before the show. Kristen was at rehearsals waiting in line to do her routine. Michaela was ahead of her (No surprise, She probably set it up that way!) and was ready to show Kristen up. Well, that’s what she said. Kristen knew better then to fight back and knew that she would not be shown up. Well that’s what she thought at first… Then she saw Michaela’s routine. Kristen was in trouble big time! She was shown up! She couldn’t go on stage now but she had to. She didn’t have a choice! She would become the laughing stock of the school if she didn’t. She made her way up the stairs and the music started. She had practiced her routine normally at least fifty times and in her mind at least a thousand. That’s all she could think about. That and Jake! She always had a weakness for guys. Jake was this awesome guy she’s been crushing on since about a year. He had buzz cut brown hair. He also had the best shade of green for eyes. She thought he liked her to. It was a matter of time until he said he liked her. That’s why she sang “Next to You”. She liked the song to though. She thought it would bring out the feelings he had for her. She wanted him to tell her how he feels but we all know how guys are, IMPOSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She hade already invited Jake to the show a few weeks ago before she auditioned knowing she would make it and steal the lead as ‘Queen of the School’. Well that’s what Michaela liked to call it but there was no such thing. She knew she would get kicked out of the talent show for this but she had to change her routine before the show tomorrow. If she didn’t then she was done for.
Michaela came up behind her and said, “I’m taking the crown and your guy, even if he’s not my type.”
“Just go away Michaela,” She said.
“I can tell you’re devastated already about losing Jake to me but don’t worry, he’s safe with me!!!” and with an evil laugh she and her only two friends walked away. It was sad that Michaela had only two friends but she forgot about it when Kristen got a text from Jake. He said good luck on the rehearsals but they where over. Kristen was okay with the late text. She was happy as long as he texted her. To her he was one of the most amazing guys ever and she was lucky to know him. She was also lucky to know that he would never fall for a jerk like Michaela… or will he?!? She couldn’t believe she was doubtful but she was worried that Michaela might trick him into going out with her.
Kristen was pondering the subject when she heard a car horn honking and some kids yelling. She finally figured out that they were yelling for her and trying to tell her that her mom was in the car waiting. She ran out and apologized for making her wait but she still yelled at her. Her mom always yelled. She had some anger issues but doesn’t want to admit it. Either that or she’s hiding behind it. It was really sad. Her mom took away her phone for the rest of the day. It wasn’t exactly fair but there was no point in fighting. She didn’t want her phone gone on the day of the talent show.
Kristen got home and went strait to her room so she could do her homework. After Kristen was done she went straight to bed so she could get up on time and have plenty of rest for the show.
The next morning dragged on and on. After first period she thought it was the end of the day. Kristen was miserable but she dealt with it. She walked out to the bus with Jake and her heart was soaring when he said he was coming home with her. She got on the bus and sat down. Jake plopped down after her and made her jump like her heart.
She got home and immediately started to get ready. It takes her two hours to get ready for the show so she put in some music and sang along while talking to Jake. He sang with her and his smooth voice almost hypnotized her. She was having the best day of her life!
Finally she was ready and had a half an hour so they just sat and sang a specific song together until they had to leave. It’s called “This is Me”, a duet with Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas. They were having a lot of fun. Well, that was until they had to leave. She didn’t want to leave but she had no choice. She had practiced her new routine at least one hundred times. She knew she would win. She had something bothering her all day though. It was the comment of Michaela stealing Jake from her. She had to tell him.
“Jake,” Kristen said, “would you ever go out with Michaela?”
“No, why?”
“She said after winning the talent show she would ask you out just to make me mad!” She explained.
“Why?” he asked.
“Because she can’t stand that I could possibly be better then her!”
“I would never go out with her!” he said. “Never, ever!” It was quiet the rest of the way but she was satisfied.
They arrived just before the show started and got in-line because she was fifth to do her routine.
Michaela finished up her same routine from yesterday. She didn’t expect a thing. Kristen was up next and Jake was next to her waiting for her to go on. He looked more nervous then her. She barely heard her name called and made her way to the stage. The curtain opened and it revealed about one thousand people squashed into a room made for five to seven hundred. It was the biggest crowd she had ever sung for. It was too late to run. The music started and she sang and danced her heart out. She was so tired that she couldn’t speak when she got off the stage. Jake was waiting right there for her to. When she sat down she was complemented by everyone around her. What happened next was the best part of the evening! She was just sitting there unable to talk when Jake leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek!
She was still in a daze when they called her name for the first place prize. She was so happy! She could speak again so when she had made her way to the stage she gave a short speech.
“I’d like to thank all my friends and my biggest inspiration. Jake! He’s my best friend in the world. He’s been with me through everything. You’re the best Jake!” She complemented and made her way off the stage.
Once she stepped off the stage the director was on her for changing her routine. Kristen explained everything including Michaela’s comment about stealing Jake. She understood and let it slide, but Kristen got a warning and was told not to do it again. Kristen wasn’t worried because she knew she was getting the contract.
All of a sudden she felt a buzz and noticed it was her phone. She had got a text from a number she didn’t know. She did know one thing though… It was Jake.

Jake had kissed her about two hours ago so she wondered what he wanted
She hadn’t seen him since he kissed her, two hours ago. On the other hand it could be Michaela trying to get Kristen back for setting her up and changing her routine. She didn’t know! She decided to go anyway. It had to be Jake. She doesn’t know anyone else who writes ‘hey’ that way! Only her and Jake texted that way and only to each other.
Jake was waiting there like promised with a smitten look. Michaela was no where to be seen. As soon a Jake saw her, his smile widened. She could tell he was happy to see her.
“You busy this Friday?” Jake asked.
“Yes,” she replied.
“What are you doing then?” he questioned.
“I’m going to dinner with my new boyfriend,”
“What boyfriend?”
Kristen rolled her eyes, sighed, and answered; “You!” then knocked on his forehead jokingly. He blushed and smiled as a reply. He liked the thought of going out with Kristen. She made him feel better when he was sad and she always laughed at his jokes. She was the best to him. It was sad when he hade to leave but he said he would call to set up their dinner date. This might be the best day of her life.
After the contest was totally over and all the people where gone is when Kristen got the big news. She was offered the recording contract! She had to make the choice of leaving her friends and moving to Hollywood, or staying and living a normal life. This was going to be a tough decision, but she knew she would make the right one with the help of her great friends and her new boyfriend. She was sure this was the best day of her life!

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gymbabe This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 18, 2010 at 6:33 pm

Nice job!  A bit cliche, but still very well-written, and it makes the reader sympathize with the characters.  Keep writing!

Btw, will you check out and comment on my work?

songwriter222 replied...
Jul. 5, 2010 at 3:54 pm
gymbabe This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Jul. 5, 2010 at 4:17 pm
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