LOVE part 4

June 7, 2010



What is that annoying beeping noise?! I wonder angrily. Be-beep! It sounds strangely like a heart monitor in a hospital, but I didn't do— My heart stops for a split second. I did do something to get me into a hospital. Suddenly worried for the guy that I ran into, I open my eyes [they were closed?] and bolt up in my bed [I was laying down?]

“Ooohh...” I groan, immediately worn down by a raging headache. Be-beep!

“Hey there, take it easy,” comes a barely scratchy, extremely sexy voice. At the same time, I feel a warm, rough and gentle hand guide my shoulder back to the bed.

Then I say something really stupid.

“I didn't know doctors could be so hot,” I murmur [be-beep!], opening my eyes slowly to see what I already knew would be beautiful. But I'm surprised by what I see, because my “doctor” isn't in any of that doctor-like clothing. He's sporting a blue plaid shirt, motorcycle jacket, faded blue jeans and boots.

“Well, that's mighty nice, but I'm sure as hell I'm not a doctor,” says Mr Hott, as my mind has started calling him.

After thinking about what I want to say, I reply, “Well, you're hot anyway.” I do a little smile-and-wink, and he laughs. A quick glance at Tayla shows her sitting back in her chair, with a half-amused, half-worried look on her face. Once my gaze is back on the ocean-deep blue eyes of Mr Hott, I realize I don't know his real name, but I'm flirting so comfortably. I still want to know his name though. I'll bet he has a hot name.

“So, I was about to ask you...something,” I pause. “but I don't even know your name.” I smile mysteriously, hoping he takes the bait.

“Cooper. Cooper Layne,” he says, mirroring my grin, now reaching my eyes. “Yours?”

“Lorelei. Lorelei Optimus Vega Entity.” There goes my first test – to see if they notice what my initials spell. I do it because I know that the man I'll love forever is the one who's mind catches such a small fact on a whim.

No one has noticed yet.

As he pauses for a moment, I find a glimmer of hope. Maybe he'll notice...

“Your initials spell out 'love'.”

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hope_is_everywhere said...
Aug. 22, 2010 at 4:55 pm
When are you going to write more?
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