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June 7, 2010
By , Pine Bluff, AR
Chapter 1
"Okay Jade. Do it one mort time then we're finished for the day," David said. He was my producer.
We were working on the a song for my third album.
He started the music again and I did what I do best.
When I finished I took off the head phones and walked out the booth.
"You did a wounderful job sweety,"my mom said with a warm smile.
"Thanks." I said giving her a hug.
"Can you play it back to me," I ask David while taking a seat next to my mom.
He messed with a few buttons on the board before I heard the song.
I smiled. I was very pleased with myself.
"Sounds like another hit." Larry but we called him LJ for short. He walked in and sat down beside David.
"You did good kid," David said smiling.
"Here's your schedule for next week." It was spring break and so far I have either been in the studio, photo shoot, or somewhere doing something for the album.
"Just because I'm going to be gone doesn't mean you should be late for anything Jada." he said refering to my habit of change outfits at the last minute. Hey, a girl needs opitions.
I rolled my eyes toward the celing then it hit me.
"Even though your going to be gone. Where are you going?"I asked.
"I told you last Monday I was leaving today for my family reuion," he said.
"You were serious," I asked in a panic tone.
He chuckled and said "you are going to be fine without me," he reasured me.
I never went anywhere without him or my mom. And everysince I've became famous I always had him and my mom by my side. He was like a father to me.
"Well i hope you have a good time," I said pulling myself together.
"Thanks," he said. I rose up from the couch and walked over to give him a hug.
When I let him go my mom did the same.
"Have a safe trip and a good time," she said.
"You know I will try." he said as he pulled out his phone to check for the time.
"I'm going to be late if I don't leave. You better bo one time. You hear me." he said looking at me.
"Make sure she's there on time. You know how she is."he said to my mom. She replied with a simple nod.
"I'll call you when I get there okay," he said to me.
"I guess I will see you all in 2 weeks." he said before leaving.
We stayed because I wanted to hear all the songs that I have recorded this month.
"They all sounded great." I said.
"Yes they do. You've worked very hard." David said.
My moms phone went off.
We had to leave for our nail appointment.
"Are you coming David," I asked after I got my purse.
"No i'm going to stay for a while."he said.
"Okay." I said.
"Bye David," my mom said. Then we left for the nail salon.

Chapter 2
It was like when I went anywhere. Fans follow me, kids asked for autographs, others for pictures.
We eventually make it to the salon. Security blocked off the entrance.
We where greeted by the shop's owner and top nail tech.
He led us to our seats to get our pedicures. He started the water while I started the massage chair. We did this every 2 weeks.
No matter were we where we always did something. It was our special way of bonding.
"Mommy look it's Jada," I heard a little girl yell.
"I see," her mom said.
"Can I met her," she asked.
"I don't know baby let me asked."
She tapped on one of the securities sholder, "excuse me sir but cam my daughter met jada." the lady asked politely. "Her birthday is tomorrow so can you please ask." she said.
The big man came my way. he reminded me of Critus on House of Paynes.
"Ms. Jada a little girl would like to met you. her birthday is tomorrow."he said.
"Okay just her," I said. He went back toward the crowd, then the little girl came skippin my way.
"Hey sweete I hear tomorrw is your birthday," I said smiling. She was so cute. both of her two front teeth were missing but she was still adorable.
"Yep," she said, continuing to stare at me.
"How old will you be." I asked in a kind voice.
"I'll be five. That's a big number," she said
"It sure is. You are about to be a big girl,"
"Yep." she replied.
"Did you want me to sign something?" I asked.She pulled out a pink pen and a pad and handed it to me.
"What's your name sweetie."
"To taylor. Happy birthday from Jada." I said as I wrote it."
"Here you go," I said handing the pen and pad back to her.
"Can I get a hug," she asked shyly.
"Sure." I said before leaning down and hugging her.
"Thank you," she said when she let go.
"And you are welcom. I really hope you have a great birthday."
"I will."she said just before turning to leave. Then she stopped and and reached inside her purse and pulled out a pink and purple card.
"You don't have to come if you don't want to." she said then ran into her mother's open arms.
I looked at the card. It read 'you are invited to to Taylors fifth birthday party' and on the inside it had all the other information.
I handed it to my mom. She read it and gave it back to me.
"What color" the man said.
I grabbed the polish out of my purse.
"She nice little girl." the man said as he began to polish my toe nails.
"She was wasn't she." I said.
"You going to her party," my mom asked.
"I guess."

"98 dollar," said the man.
I paid him and we headed out.
I took what was like a hundred of pictures but eventuall we left thands to security.

Chapter 3
Kock knock
"Are you going to taylors birthday party."
"Yes ma'am." i said standing in front of the mirror.
"Okay let marcus take you." she said. Marcus was a friend of my mom. He was like a body guard.
"Okay. I'll call him."
"I aready did.He's on his way." she said smiling.
I just started laughing. "You just knew that I was going to her birthday party."
"Girl when it comes to your fans you'll do anything to make them happy. which is a great thing." she said smiling at me.

Marcus and I pulled up to Mc Donalds for Taylors party.
I walk in and head straight to the play room.
I was greeted by her mother.
"Wow you really came." she said in a shock fulled voice.
"Of course. " I said in a sweet voice.
There was a few older kids who I assumed was her cousins. The all stared in disbeliefe.
"Where the birthday girl." I asked.
"Here I am." I heard the familiar voice behind me. I turned and saw her in her all pink warm up outfit and pink crown.
"Happy birthday Taylor.." I said as she put her arms around my waist.
"Thank you for coming." she said smiling show off her two missing teeth.
"And right on time we are about to cut the cake." her mom said.
She took the cake out of the box and everyone wanted to see it.
"Can you sing happybirthday to her." one older girl asked. She looked like she was about 11 or 12.
Everyone then turned to me.
"Sure why not." I said in a sincer voice.
After I sang and she cut the cake I annouced I had to leave.
"Can we get a few pictures." someone asked.
"Sure." I said.
I took a few pictures with them and left. there were now more people here. Marcus grabbed my hand and lead the way back to the car and drove me home.

"Hey, how did it go." my mom asked when I walked in.
"It was okay." I said joining her on the couch.
"Grandma called said she want us over for dinner."
"What time." I asked.
"In about 2 hours." she answered.
"Well i'm about to take a nap." I said standing up and heading up stairs.
"Don't be in there and decide to change you outfit at the last minute."
"I won't."

"Hey baby," my grandma said.
"Hey grandma." I said leaning down to give her a hug and kiss.
"I hope ya'll ready to eat." she said as she walked over to the table full of food.
"What's the occation." my mom asked.
"Oh. So it has to be an occation for my to cook for my babies." she said in a joking tone.
"You know what I mean." my mom said defending herself.
"Well I really wanted to cook for Jada. You know I never get to see her when she gets the working on her album." she said sqeezing my hand.
"I sorry grandma.I promise I stop by more often." I quickly added.
"It's okay baby I understand.You be busy.That why I cooked so I could talk to you." she said. "Come and bow your heads to say grace."
we got the talking about everything. Ecspecially my new album.
"Who is it going." grandma asked.
"It going good." I said. "I have five more songs to record then I'm done."
"I so proud of you." she said smiling.
"Thanks," was all I could say.
"Ya'll can go in the living room and watch some tv." she said."While put away the dishes."
Once she finished with the dishes she joined her on in the livingroom.
"Tyshia have you talked to Rena." grandma asked referring to my aunt.
"No ma'am I haven't." she said dryly.
"Her and tTweet call me on a regular baises talking about what the other done did." she said. "And then the other day Tweet came over here to introduce me to some little boy she call her boyfriend. I say 'so you calls yo' self havin a boyfriend uh' she said 'yea'. the thing that got me is what this little nappy headed boy had on. his shirt was to big, his pants hangin all off his a.... his tail," she said winking at me. "and a grill is that what they call the gold teeth." She asked looking at me.
I nodded.
"I fixed them something to eat then I headed over to the bingo hall." she said.
"I'll pray for you and them." I said. grandma was getting up in age, I know she didn't need the stress of my aunt and cousin.
"Thank you baby. I know the Lord will give me strenght."

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gymbabe This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 23, 2010 at 7:11 am

Very good first chapter, lol, love the "tail" part.:)Great job!  Write more!

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