Letter to a Friend

June 10, 2010
By Anonymous

So by now, I am hundreds of miles away from this town. So much has happened here that I will never forget; playing handball every day during recess, going to junior high, drawing like no tomorrow, meeting my best friend, everything going right after that, going to high school and making so many new friends and then you. Those memories will always be with me. But some memories can’t be picture perfect. You are such a great friend and I never want to lose you. I put my feelings aside so that you won’t feel the pain that I go through every time I see you with him. He is also a memory that will never go away. I know how much you like him, I truly do; but I am never going to be fully supportive of you both because you knew how I felt about him too, but you disregarded those feelings I had or maybe just forgot about them. One day I tell you how I feel, weeks later you tell me you love him; then ask me if I still like him. I can’t say yes to that, so I told you no. What would you have done? I don’t really know. The ways of how your response would go play through my mind and they are either good or bad, but I will never actually know. He is my best friend, so are you. However, now that you two are together, he doesn’t talk to me. We don’t hangout anymore, we barely talk, and it is because he likes you. A lot. Well, he has always liked you, just as you to him. I was always stuck in the middle. When you guys were fighting or not talking, I made you guys start talking again. When you guys were finally getting over each other, I was someone for you to talk too. And when you guys started liking each other again, I helped him ask you out. I couldn’t do anything to stop you guys from liking each other. And if somehow I did, everyone would think of me as the girl who took him away from you. And that would happen considering how your sports teams kept on telling you guys how you should go out and trying to hook you guys up. But I can’t do anything now. I am moving away and I won’t have to go through the pain of watching you two together. Too bad you will never see this letter. I hope you guys have a great relationship together and it better be worth it.

I love you, bye.

The author's comments:
this is a true story that happened to me.

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on Jun. 22 2010 at 7:54 am
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Aww, this was really sad and sweet, and I feel bad for you if this is what you went through.  You wrote it perfectly!  Great job!

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