This hot guy and my jerky Boyfriend

June 9, 2010
I like this guy and his name is Charlie. He has blonde/brown hair and sky blue eyes. HIs friends names are Sam,Austin,Connor, Jake and Jayden. My bestfriend dislikes him. she wouldn't like it if I liked him. He's loud and talktive. I'm quiet and shy. We are so different. His friend Jake is on my bus and says"Charlie likes you", my friend makes a wierd and grossed out face. She looks at me and says" you really would go out with him." I say " Well I really don't know. What's your problem with Char Char." She says"He's really annoying and disgusting and not your type." I say" So what? He's really cute and funny and nice." She looks at me. She says" I'm goona tell Charlie that you like himand if you were really my friend you wouldn't go out with him." I look at her and say " If you were really my friend you wouldn't care who I am going out with at all." The next day at school. I walk into school with my other friend Cam. We see Tori talking to my ex Mikey. He sees me and walks over. He says"Hey you!" Charlie walks into the school with his friends and Mikey sees him and kisses me. I slap and walk away to my guy friend Kyle. He smiles at me and asks"What's wrong Cart?" I say " Mikey kissed me and I'm having mixed feelings!" He smiles as says" Here comes capital annoyin' Charlie." I turn around. Charlie walks up with his friend behind him and says " Hey Carter." I say " hey." I say " I gotta go! Catch you later." He looks down. Kyle says " she walked away from you 'cause she doesn't like you. She likes me of course." Char says" yea right." Mikey walks up to him and says " Stay away frdom Carter got it you little punk!" He says" Why would I listen to you?" Mikey says"'cause i'm older and more mature." He says" I don't care." His friends all say "Yea." He walks away. He finds Carter talking to Alex. He stops in footsteps. He looks at his friends and says " Who's that guys?" They look at eachother and say " WDK!" I smile at Alex and he walks by Charlie and stops him. He asks Alex" Who are you? What?" He says again " Who are you? Me?" He nods his head." Alex Michaels." He says " How do you do you know Carter?" Alex says " I'm her boyfriend." Charlie looks at Jake and says" you said she likes me." He says " I thought she did and she never mention anything about a boyfriend." Alex looks at them and says" She didn't ever mention anything about me." They say" Not that we know of her telling us." Jake asks" When did you get together?" He says" one month ago." They all look at eachother and Sam says " She broke up wiht her boyfriend Mikey 2 weeks ago!" He says " Your kidding right?" They shake there head. Say " Sorry Alx dude!" They walk away from him. He goes up to Carter and says" Were you dating a guy named Mikey 2 weks ago?" I say" Uh....Well um.... Yea why?" He says" How could you and also were done and over with Carter." I say" Good see what I care and also I know you have a girlfriend!" He looks shocked and says " How?" I say " Your mother called me and told me 2 week ago!" I walk away sadly. I walk past the guy that I like. He runs up to me. He stops me by my shoulders. I turn around and face him. He smiles and his blue eyes are bighter than before. He keeps smiling and I smile back at him. He says" Carter will you go out with me?" I say "Of course Charlie." Tori runs upand says" i'm about what I said about Charlie yesterday!" I say" It's fine," as Charlie takes my hand and we walk away togther. Then he stops and kisses me and I kiss back.

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