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June 9, 2010
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Chapter 1
"What do ya’ll want to do after school? My mom is out of town so if you want we can go to my house." I said
"Dang. I wish my mom trusted me enough to leave me by myself. I can’t even go to the bathroom without going through twenty questions. ‘What can I do in the bathroom’," said Patrick.
"Knowing you build a bomb," I said laughing.
"Whatever," Patrick said irritated.
"Everyone already knows that Erica is a goody good," Regina said smiling.
"I am not," I said.
Regina looked at me and said, "Girl please. Do you remember Mike Johnson? You know skinny Mike," she asked looking at Patrick.
Patrick nodded his head.
"Well when we were in the third grade Mike pushed Erica. But instead of tell the teacher or even pushing him back she bit herself on the arm and then told the teacher Mike did it," Regina said.
We all started laughing.
"What did the teacher do," Patrick asked through laughs.
"He paddled him. What else could he do," Regina said.
"I can’t believe you remembered that," I said truly amazed.
"Trust me. It’s a little hard to forget." i loved my friend. she is was one of those types of friends you didn't come by often. always had the boys running after her,but don't get me wrong she could get down and dirty. no one really messed with her because of her history of fighting girls and guys alike.
"Oh no. Look Trina the tramp is heading this way," Patrick said loud enough for her to hear.
we where in court yard. band pratice had ened about twenty minutes ago ,but we stayed and waited for patrick's mom to come and get him.
"Come on Pat chill out," I said.
When she reached us Patrick and Regina stared her up and down. Trina was about five foot six and barely wore any clothes. the girl couldn't keep her panties on for her life. She always had fake hair in her head and only messed with the boys who were more than likely to make it to the pros. she is the exact definition of a gold digger.
"If it isn’t the school’s hoe," Patrick said to her.
"Oh I know you ain’t talking to me," she said rolling her neck.
"yes i am talking to you with all that horse hair in your head," he said. Patrick is one of those boys who don’t care about your feelings. He’s going to tell you weather you want to hear it or not.
"You know what Patrick I didn’t come over here for you, I came over here for Regina ," she said looking at her with disgust.
"you need to keep it move cause we ain't got nothing to talk about," she said giving her the same nasty look. "So I really don’t know what you want with me," Regina said with an attitude.
"Give me Devon’s number," she said holding out her hand.
Regina and patrick looked at each other and started laughing.
"Give me his number girl," Trina said. Putting her hands on her hips and moving her weight to her right leg.
"Trina why would I give you his number. So you try to get a free ride to the 90210."
speaking of devon he came jogging i'm guessing around the school. the tight sports shirt he was wearing showed every muscel makeing him look more sexier than ever.
"hey devon," trina said eyeing him. he nodded a 'what's up.'
"ewwwwwwwww," regina yelled.
"shut-up," he yelled back;grinning.
then he turned to me. i didn't know what to do so i just waved; he nodded.
There was no doubt that Devon was going to the pros. As the top line backer in the state and MVP. He is more than likely to make it and with all of that comes the girls. And for some reason that bother's me. I’ve known Devon for two years and I’ve never just paid that much attention to him. But seeing him today I find myself attracted to him.
"Fine. I mean it’s not like I can’t get it from him myself," she said before swinging her hair and walking away.
Practice must have been over because Devon and his friend Marcus came walking from the gym. Trina walked over to them. I couldn’t hear the conversation but apparently Trina said something Devon liked because he started smiling and they all walk off to his truck.
Strangely I wish I was liked Trina. Not the nasty clothes and faked hair but, how she is bold she is. Or maybe I just admire her for that.
"Hello. Earth to Erica," Regina said interrupting my thoughts. "Are you ready to go?"I quickly snapped back to the real world. patirck's mom had pulled up and he was walking toward her. we waved him goodbye.
"Um yes, but the ride is ten dollars," I said laughing.
"Whatever lets go. I’m hungry," she said smiling and pushing my shoulder.
"Girl do you know how much gas is these days," I said.
"I hear what you saying," she replied and giving me a high five.
"It’s something wrong with the both of us," I said laughing.
"I know right."
We laughed all the way to my car on the other side of the parking lot and rode to my house where we order pizza, studied for Mr. Jackson’s ridiculous history test, and watched our favorite movies.
"Did you want to spend the night or did you want me to take you home," I asked turning off the TV. "I want to spend the night," she said heading to my room. I followed her.

Chapter 2
Beep. Beep. Beep.
I got up unwilling.
"Devon? Where’s your sister," my mom yelled from down stairs.
"She call me last night and said she’s spending the night at Erica’s," I yelled. Shortly after I dropped Marcus off at his house Trina made things difficult.
When I pulled up to her house she didn’t get out instead she climbed in my lap and started kissing on my neck almost giving me a hickey. I grabbed her hands trying to stop her before I did something I knew I was going to regret.
"What you don’t want to do it here. That’s cool. Come in. We can go in my house, my mom at work," she said kissing my neck again.
"No. I got to go," I said trying to doge another of her kisses. And lucky for me the phone ringed. It was Regina calling me to let me know that she was spending the night at Erica’s.
I lied to Trina and said it was my moms and she needed me to come home. Reluctantly she got out. I backed out the drive-way and sped home.
Once I got home I started to do my homework when regina called me again. "Hey, will you wash the dishes for me?"
"No! What do I look like to you?"
"A loving brother," she said trying to sound like a six year old talking her way out of trouble.
"Whatever. You owe me," I said.
"Love you too." I could hear her smile on the other end.
"Come on Regina. What do you want to watch?" It was Erica. All of a sudden I remembered how good she looked at school today. Even with just a white t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops, she looked good. But not just on the outside. She carried herself with care and respect. Not something most girls did at my school. "Thanks Devon," she said.
"Yea," was all I could say.
After that all I could think about was her. I know I’ve known her for
a while, but I guess I’ve never just paid that much attention to her.
I hopped in my truck and drove to Marcus’s house. He lived a few blocks away.
"I hope you and Trina had a good time last night," he said grinning.
"Man whatever," I said.
"What happened," he asked.
"To be honest I don’t want to talk about it," I said staring at the rode.
"It couldn’t have been that bad. What she do?"
"Trina is something man," I said. He stared at me for a moment then burst into laughter.
"Don’t laugh it’s not funny," I said.
"Yea it is," he said.
"What makes it so worst is that if Regina didn’t call me we would have been in her house doing only God knows what," I said. with that being said the rest of the ride was quiet.
As soon as I walked on campus I was surrounded by just about everyone who attended samwells High School. And the only person I wanted to see was Erica. I now it sounds corny, but if i see her again i think i can make it through the day.
"What’s up big D," Dale asked. He’s on the football as a runner back.
"Nun man trying to get to my locker," I lied I was really looking for Erica, and then she walked around the corner. Is it possible for someone to get prettier in less than 24 hours?
"Hey Devon," she said smiling a perfect smile.
"What’s up Erica," I said smiling back. She put her arms around me and hugged me. She smelled just like vanilla.
"Its been a long time since I’ve just really seen or talked to you," she said. She never stopped smiling.
"I know. What you been doing all this time," I said.
"Nothing that’s interesting well I was wondering if knew if Ms. Goldman was here," she asked.
"To be honest I don’t know."
"Well do you mind walking me to my locker," she said smiling.
"Sure.Why not."
"Hey. Rebecca is having a party next week and you are going to take me." she drapped her arm around my neck making sure I didn't go anywere. I couldn't just embarrass her in front of everyone and I diffentally couldn't hurt her feelings. right now I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.
I decided to just go along with what ever she had in plan for me and make up some excuse to get me out of it later.

Chapter 3
That was the most nerve wrecking thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. I came up with an excuse just to talk to him. I was about to go to water fountain, but I stopped dead in my tracks by what I saw. Trina was all hugged up with Devon. I should have known. Someone like Devon would never go with someone like me. So I turned around and headed for my locker.
I finished my work In first period before anyone else as usual. It gave me time to think about what I’m going to eat when I get home. That is until Ms. Buie said ask for help if you need it. The entire class was around my desk. i spent the rest of class explain how to do the assignment then the bell rung. I was so happy when first period was over, but upset because my next period was with Trina and as soon as I walked in the classroom, rebecca stared at me. I never really talked to Trina, but apparently she was waiting for me to walk through the door because she told me to sit next to her as soon as i came in. I look around the classroom and everyone was staring at me. Trina was smiling a wicked smile. I hesiatated one weather or not to sit next to her. When I finally did she stared at me for a moment before she said "so I saw you talking to Devon today."
I looked at her with me head to the side. "Yea. And," I said wonder why she really called me over. I din't feel to comfortable being so close to her. To be honest I felt in danger.
"Look I didn’t call you over here for any help with work. I just wanted to tell you to stay away from Devon. He’s mine. And if you don’t you will regret." When I look around the class again everyone was staring at us, then Trina’s friend Rebecca started laughing then everyone else followed.
I had never been so embaressed in my entire life. I didn’t think I just got up and ran out the room. I headed to the girl’s restroom. Regina must have seen me because she came running in the restroom shorty after me.
"Erica what’s wrong," she asked sounding truly concerned.
I curled up in the corner. She ran into a stall to get me some tissue, then she asked me again what’s wrong. After a few more minutes of crying I was finally able to tell her what happened. She listened wihtout any interruptions.
When I finished she helped me off the floor and took me to my car. No surprise she took the driver’s seat and drove me home. Once at home all I wanted to do was get in bed, but Regina had other plans. She call Patrick and he was at my house within fifteen minutes.
"What happened," he asked sitting on the edge of the couch.
"Trina…" Regina started.
"That’s all I need to know. Erica why don’t you stay home. Come on Regina let’s go." After he said that, they both were out the door.
I walked up to my room and thought about what she said to me, how she embarrassed me in front of the entire class. I had never been so embarrassed. I don’t know how I’m going to go back to school after what just happened. Finally I cried myself to sleep.
When I woke up it was 3:30. I had slept just about the whole day. I checked my phone to see if any one called me. 14 missed calls and all of them from Patrick and Regina. I decided to call Patrick back. He pick up just when I was about to hang up and call Regina.
"Oh my goodness I wish you were here to see this," he said sounding out of breath.
"What’s going on," I asked getting out of bed. I need to strech.
"Well when we got back to school me and Regina started looking for Trina and when we found her and well its kinda long, but what you do need to know is that regina and trina is about to start knocking at the park up the street in about 12 minutes."
"I’m on my way there right now," I said putting on my pink house shoes grabbing my keys and out walking the door.
When I made it to the park just about the entire school was there. When I found Regina and Patrick they where surrounded by a crowd of students along with trina, Rebecca, and stacy. Regina had her hair in a messy ponytail and was pacing back and forth. Trina had some type of ghetto hair style and was cussing to who I assumed was suppose to be regina.
I pushed my way through the crowd. "gina what are you doing," .it was very clear that she was about to fight.
"I'm about to kick this girl’s funky tail," she yelled while looking trina up and down.
"Naw girl you got me messed up," trina said stepping forwad.
''The only thing that’s messed up on you is that messy hair-do," regina said walking around me and to trina.
The crowd started laughing. Trina and Gina where face-to-face now. When trina was about to walk away gina grabbed a hand full of her hair and slammed her into the ground. I tried to stop her but Patrick grabbed me and yelled 'let the me fight'. I watched as gina started kicking her. Rebecca and Stacy just watched, to terrified to help their friend. Some one yelled police. I heard the sirens then. Without another word everyone took off running. Gina stopped and took off running to my car. I turned back to watch as Rebecca and Stacy help Trina to her car.
I hopped in my car with Regina in the passengers seat. I sped out of the parking lot not even bothering to look at her.
finially I pulled up in her drive way. I turned off the car and looked at her. All I could say was, "You crazy?"
"she started it," she said staring out the window.
"Look right now I don’t want to talk about it. So can we go in," I said looking at the door.Then I realized I still had on my house shoes so I grabbed my dance shoes from the back seat. I quickly changed them.
"Okay. Come on in when your done," she said getting out.
When I walked in I sat on the couch and thought to myself this is to much drama for one day.
"Erica I’m about to take a shower," she yelled from the back.
"Okay," I replied then dozing off.
"Hey Erica. Erica," Devon said. Dang he looked fine. He was only wearing a muscle shirt, gym shorts, and a hat turned backwards.
"I DON’T CARE." Regina yelled making me jump.
"Jamal you better tell me who that was on your phone," she said still yelling. I swear she didn’t care who heard her.
"Excuse me," I said getting off the couch,walking pass devon. I walked towards regina’s room, but as soon as I was about to come in she stormed out. Slamming her phone shut.
"What’s wrong with you?" I asked.
"Jamal is messing around with his ex," she said pratically running out the house. I jogged to catch up with her. Once we were in the yard I grabbed her by the arm and asked "were are you going?"
She looked piss.
"To that fat cows house." Devon was outside then. He took my breathe away from me. He must have been getting ready to take a shower because he didn’t have on a shirt. Showing his perfect eight-pack and a tattoo on the left side of his chest.
"Girl what’s wrong with you," he said to regina snapping me back to reality.
"I’m about to kill that cow up the street."
"Regina just go back in the house," he said trying to persuade her. Knowing Regina he would have to drag her back in that house.
And just like in a black hood movie Alexandra drove up with her best friend Moninca and Jamal right behind her.
"You nasty heffa." Regina yelled. I look around I see most of the neighborhood is outside and a few go to our school and those are the ones with the phones. Some recording others on the phone I assume tell others.
Unlike Trina, Alexandra wasn’t scaried of Regina. She had just as much attitude. Although she do dressed just as nasty as Trina.
"Who you calling a heffa you bi-," she started but regina slapped her in the face. It was on then.
Alexandra fought back. Regina managed to get Alexandra on the ground. Regina climb on top of her, grabbed her by the hair with her right hand and beat the crap out of her with her lift. Then Monica walked toward them I stepped forward. She pushed regina giving Alexandra the chance to pin regina down. I walked straight to monica and grabbed her by the hair with both of my hands and slammed her into the ground. Just like regina did Alexandra, I got on top of monica only hitting her face. She made it easy for me because she was trying the wild swing, which left her face unprotected. Although I didn’t fight much regina made sure I knew how, because she said she didn’t want people thinking they can just hit me and I didn’t do anything. I’d only had to use my skills about one or two times. Both because of Regina of course.
I just got her in her left eye again when someone managed to get me off of her. I don’t know why I was so mad. But who ever was dranging me towards the house was really struggling because I'm was trying every way to get back to her.
I turned and I nearly pass out when I seen it was devon dragging me to the house. I also seen Patrick has Regina by the waist as well.
"Patrick I'm through I'm not going to touch her. I just want to say something to Jamal,"
Devon lets me go then. He noticed I stopped squirming around.
Regina walks up to Jamal and does something you only see on telivision. She spits directly into his right eye.
"You hoe I should slap the mess out of you," Jamal says. But before Jamal can do any thing else devon punches him with one right hook. Sending Jamal straight to the ground.
I look at Regina who looks like she ready for another round. Alexandra has her nostralz flaring letting regina know she's ready too. then I hear sirens. Everyone scatters like rotches. Alexandra and Monica helps Jamal to his car. Alexandra drives off and Monic drives Jamal car. Patrick decides to stay so he parks his car in the driveway.
"Wow today was day. Two fights in one day," I say. Lighting the mood.
"Two? Who else you been fighting," Devon asks.
"I fought Trina at the park today," she says nonchlantly.
"Dang girl you stay into it don't you," he say while laughing. "Why were fighting her,"he asked.
Regina look at my panicing face and says "I tell you later."
that's better than tell the boy who I think I'm in love with that his girlfriend made me cry just by threting me and my best friend had to act like a mother and say somthing to her.
"I need to wash up so excuse me," I say getting up from the couch and walking to the bathroom ready to wash my hands and face.

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gymbabe This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 14, 2010 at 10:02 pm

Very interesting piece!  Just watch your spelling and grammar.  Great job, though.  Write more, please!

Btw, will you check out and comment on my work?

Princess511 replied...
Jun. 15, 2010 at 2:31 pm
thx for the comment i have just finsihed reading julia u have to write more
gymbabe This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Jun. 15, 2010 at 2:35 pm
Thank you!  Did you see Aging Love?  It's an excerpt from the same story.
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